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Void Rot - Consumed by Oblivion Award winner

Void Rot
Consumed by Oblivion
by Justin "Witty City" Wittenmeier at 06 August 2018, 6:59 AM

Formed in 2017, Minneapolis’ VOID ROT is a band that is new to the scene but nevertheless they are an exciting addition.  Their sound is the visceral combination of Death and Doom Metal, drawing on such influences as KRYPTS, SPECTRAL VOICE, and CONVOCATION. The overall atmosphere of this album is truly dense, crushing, and extremely bleak.  Much like their name would imply, the music that encompasses these three tracks sounds like the blackest, furthest place in space that you could imagine.  In this darkened realm, it is cold and desolate but somehow it continues to expand upon the ending of this universal abyss, its black tendrils stretching out from the rotting corpse of the void that lives on thru death, growing as it rots.

This uneasy feeling is due in no large part to the production.  The guitars are definitely up front in the mix; the other instruments and vocals are buried underneath but nothing is muffled.  Rather, the other aspects compliment the murky sound of the band and push everything up front to create a swirling and massive wall of sound that is truly frightening. “Ancient Seed,” begins with light distortion while Clemon’s thunderous bass creeps up from behind along with Bell;s drums.  Like a worm eating its way through a decayed corpse, the music builds into a slow moving fury. Sklarow and Hancock handle the guitars and bring about a perfect balance of Death and Doom riffs. Hancock also handles vocals and his are a low growl that sounds like some creature that might be conjured from the pits of Hell.

The title track opens methodically and ominously like the approaching footsteps of a certain impending doom.    About a minute and a half into the song, VOID ROT step up the speed and throw in some crushing riffs that show that even Doom can provide some moshing aggressiveness when it is necessary. The last track, “Ancient Seed,” is the best song because it really exemplifies the overall sound of the band.  The main riff is one born of Death Metal but played with the care and attention of detail that goes into a Doom riff.  The drums are intense but Bell commands excellent control of his kit, slowing down in pace when he needs to and outright hammering when the time is called forth.

Normally, I wouldn’t think of giving a three song EP a 10 because it is usually impossible to judge a band with so few minutes of music to use.  However, in just three tracks and 16 minutes, VOID ROT’s debut has impressed the hell out of me; I simply cannot find any fault in these three songs.  I cannot wait until their full length and fans of this style should definitely keep a watchful eye on them.  This is as good of Death/Doom has anything else from the genre released this year.

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Ancient Seed
2. Consumed By Oblivion
3. Celestial Plague
John Hancock - Guitars, Vocals
Kent Sklarow - Guitars
Will Bell - Drums
Craig Clemons - Bass
Record Label: Everlasting Spew


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