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Voidfallen – The Sinners, The Plague and The Voidfallen Award winner

The Sinners, The Plague and The Voidfallen
by Caio Botrel at 11 September 2019, 9:54 PM

VOIDFALLEN started as a project by Tommi Kangaskortet already known for his work on ENTRHING and Henri Vuorenmaa also known for his work on bands such as MY REFLECTION and SCARECELL both from Finland. After writing and recording the EP “The Sinners, The Plague and The Void Fallen” that will be released on September 20th, the mentors of the band went looking for musicians to complete the line-up. So the bassist Lauri Myllä (EPHEMERALD, former FROSTTIDE), Alex Tossavainen (formerly DREARYYM) and Mika Lumijärvi (SOLAMNIA, former ENTRHING) joined the band.

The EP starts with the song “Sinners” and it’s a perfect to start their work. The initial guitar riff is killer and the drums and bass already starts heavy completing the aggressiveness. The guttural vocals are aggressive and fits perfectly the heavy sound of instruments and then the orchestrations come in creating the right ambience for what’s about to come. The chorus has good guitar melodies and is perfect to bang your head while singing along. It’s dark and will transport you to the Finnish cold n’ dark lands. There is even a narration at the end of the song that helped creating an extremely chaotic and cool atmosphere.

According to the stories, after the “Sinners” comes the “Plagues”. The song starts with a Death Metal riff and some blast beats. The song starts in a more direct way, with aggressive vocals and a great precise drum’s n bass work. There’s also some orchestrations to complete the vibe and some beautiful melodies comes in the chorus. There’s an interesting guitar solo and the highlight of the song goes to the guitarists.

The last song of the EP bears the name of the band “Voidfallen” and was chosen as their first single and music video. The song begins in a dark way, with some orchestrations that create a mood of suspense and tension. The guitar riffs sound a little bit like Black Metal and the bass and drums work is amazing here. The guitar riffs of the stanzas are extremely aggressive and I was banging my head as soon as they started. The chorus of the song has a good guitar melody, a traditional thing of Melodic Death Metal bands and it will also transport you to a dark forest (watch the clip). The work on this song is phenomenal and it’s definitely my favorite from the EP as it shows all the aggressiveness, melodies, beauty and dark vibe that the band has. The song ends with a beautiful and dark piano.

Needless to say that VOIDFALLEN has a brilliant career ahead and “The Sinners, The Plague and The Voidfallen” is probably one of the best Finnish releases of the year. The execution of each instrument, the production, mixing and mastering were really well done and there is no doubt that this band will tour a lot.

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 9
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

4 Star Rating

1. Sinners
2. The Plague
3. Voidfallen
Tommi Kangaskortet – Vocals
Henri Vuorenmaa – Guitars
Aleksi Tossavainen – Guitars
Lauri Myllylä – Bass
Mika Lumijärvi – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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