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Voivod - Target Earth Award winner

Target Earth
by Salvador Aguinaga II / Angela "The Hunter" at 24 January 2013, 3:20 PM


It’s 2013 and to hit off the first month of the year VOIVOD releases their thirteenth full-length “Target Earth” via Century Media. Now I don’t feel too obligated to give an accurate review since this is only the second VOIVOD album I’ve heard in full. However, their insights and direction have turned them into wacky geniuses that I couldn’t help but take on this album. It might seem inaccurate but man do these guys give you a unique sense of progressive metal and “Target Earth” is no any different.

I’m a huge fan of Snake’s singing. Whenever I listened to the album, “Angel Rat” I was sold. Elegancy and such a unique tone those cleans left me in a state as the third song from that album suggests, “Clouds In My House”. Being more than twenty years ago since that effort we have “Target Earth” and it’s here where I once again embrace Snake’s development. He’s still got it! His choice was to utilize rugged vocals, I have no idea if he’s done that already in previous albums but it’s new to me. While it didn’t have the same effect as “Angel Rat” it worked fine but what do you expect when you’re in a band with three other talented and creative individuals. As he wielded that prowess, he did indeed surprise me when his vocals got a bit softer and even after two decades his precious voice is preserved. In fact since he used them so conservatively it actually made the album surreal and nostalgic (“Resistance”, “Kaleidos“, “Artefact”).

Not only is this an album to be excited about it but it also marks the reunion of three original members. Regrettably, Piggy cannot rejoin them physically as he passed away from colon cancer almost eight years ago. However, I think he would be proud of his band mates for pursuing forward and I’m sure his essence is around those guys. In his place, we have the one dubbed, Chewy. Being a musician from Canada he had fortune smile upon him. He’s not some noob out from the outskirts of a dark alley; on the contrary, he’s the founder of MARTYR and has also played for the likes of GORGUTS, CRYPTOPSY, CAPHARNAUM, and QUO VADIS. I’m happy to say I’m a fan of all five and you’d be wise to check them all out.

With Chewy in VOIVOD they have a really solid line-up. They couldn’t have asked for a better guitar player. It’s here where we see an enthusiastic display of his musicianship. In totality, “Target Earth” breaches a style of Progressive Thrash with more emphasis on Progressive of course. The couple of solos attributed to the album are fantastic, well thought out and even the rhythm guitar is able to provide some reliable foot ground.

A lot of the songs had really neat intros they were diverse and interesting. Overall with Blacky, Away, Snake, and Chewy under a VOIVOD title I don’t think they can disappoint. This is a great album and definitely one I will listen to over and over again. It inspired me to listen to the other eleven albums. If we’re lucky and they release a fourteenth album. I will be better suited to give a more accurate review until then enjoy “Target Earth”.


VOIVOD is a band that has always intrigued me. Everything that they do is so unusual, so non-mainstream that I tend to view them with fascination. What was conjured up in the minds of Michel Langevin and Denis D'amour 30 years ago morphed from a young and ambitious garage band, into one of the most unique and influential bands of our time.

Now it seems, the final journey of The VOIVOD is upon us with the release of “Target Earth”. In true VOIVOD style, the album is a creation that only these cats could put off. From the punkish feeling of “Kluskap O Kom”, to the psychedelic sway of “Warchaic”, the whole album is a collection of standalone tracks that still manage to form a complete musical picture. The best description I can give of my listening experience is that “Target Earth” is 10 tracks of controlled chaos. Each part could be played independently, and you would still have a complete song. The guitar work of Chewy blends seamlessly with the intricate bass work of Blacky. Add in the old school drum work of Away (not a blast beat to be found here) and Snake’s low key, bluesy vocals, and you have an album that will be yet another highlight in an already iconic discography. For a rating, I’d say 9 out of 10. As always my Metal family, stay well, and live free! Cheers!

4 Star Rating

1. Target Earth
2. Kluskap O'Kom
3. Empathy for the Enemy
4. Mechanical Mind
5. Warchaic
6. Resistance
7. Kaleidos
8. Corps Étranger
9. Artefact
10. Defiance
Blacky- Bass
Away - Drums
Snake- Vocals
Chewy - Guitars
Record Label: Century Media


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