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Voivod - The Wake

The Wake
by Craig Rider at 19 September 2018, 7:16 AM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: VOIVOD; signed via Century Media Records, hailing from the United States Of America - performing Progressive Metal, on their 14th Studio Album entitled: “The Wake” (released September 21st, 2018).

Since formation in 1981; the quartet in question have 13 albums in their discography so far, I am introduced to their 14th album entitled: “The Wake”. 8 tracks ranging at around 55:57; VOIVOD arrange an intricately designed formula of concretely executed Progressive Metal developments, “Obsolete Beings” begins the record with its cryptic style of progressively technical distinctions. The songwriting is manifested with manic rhythms that rapidly swift with nimble melodies that still capture catchy doses of relentless ramifications; Prog is best known for its attention to detail of constructively distinguished originality, while it may come across as convoluted - this here band result with harmonic haste while culminated with advanced experimentation.

Consisting of Snake (Naked, Solid, Liquid or Solidus? (For all you Metal Gear fans out there)) on vocals; the frontman injects a complex aesthetic of raw pipes which demonstrates a boistrously flamboyant fabrication, as “The End Of Dormancy” distributes a solid slab of bouncy consistency while establishing creatively diverse dynamics which varies with hard-hitting instrumentation while converged with crunchy yet very meticulous vehemence. Chewy on guitar embellishes on efficient dexterity; contrasted with amplified adrenaline while still remaining conceptually ambient and thunderously orchestrated. “Orb Confusion” conveys in rambunctious tones which portrays an organic substance of fluidly polished persistance, while the borderline foundation is slightly messy - there is still diligent stability to enjoy.

Powerhouse drummer Away showcases equally crazy battering adroitness in the next song “Inconspiracy”; generating hammering grooves that exhibit blistering craftsmanship which creates interesting intensities and speedy relentlessness, portraying an overwhelming sense of versatility. Pummelling bassist Rocky also implements more exhuberant elements; ultilizing unprecedented grit that still manages to keep me captivated, even if the composing is slightly unbalanced. “Spherical Perspective” supplies more soundscapes that interlopes with polyrhythmic rhythms that simultaniously exercises in unique heaviness, the silver lining is that the band relish in articulate musicianship while still attaining some excelling deadliness.

Event Horizon” gallops and chugs away with more chaotic mayhem, subtly processed with more mesmerizing sounds that have hinges of savagely primitive maliciousness embodied within. “Always Moving” accelerates with flexible onslaughts of rampaging twists and turns, as the band investigate inventive stampedes of hectic immersion. And then overall concluding “The Wake” with the 12:24 finale track: “Sonic Mycelium”; I can say with confidence that VOIVOD were always a hit and miss for me, and this track…while it is a great addition with the embodiment of a multiple intrude of assorted instruments and intense conflictions - the band certainly outdone themselves and performed with flair; I just personally think that there was too much going on for me to be fully entertained.

Bottom line, Prog-Techheads will relish this one I believe - worth the investment.

Songwriting: 6
Memorability: 7
Originality: 9
Sound Production: 8

3 Star Rating

1. Obsolete Beings
2. The End Of Dormancy
3. Orb Confusion
4. Inconspiracy
5. Spherical Perspective
6. Event Horizon
7. Always Moving
8. Sonic Mycelium
Snake - Vocals
Chewy - Guitar
Away - Drums
Rocky - Bass
Record Label: Century Media


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