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Vollmer – When Pigs Fly (Reissue)

When Pigs Fly (Reissue)
by Jess at 21 February 2017, 12:27 AM

Vollmer’s 7YEAR ITCH re-released their 2001 album “When Pigs Fly” in 2016. While the band is no longer together, they are still great friends. “When Pigs Fly” was a sort of joke at its conception, but when the music started flowing it became a serious project for the band. This re-issue comes with a redesigned CD booklet and was limited to just 500 physical albums. “When Pigs Fly” comes in with nine tracks and a listening time of about 32 minutes.

The opening track “I’m A Live Frankenstein” starts with a spoken piece that quickly transforms into a Hard Rock track. The vocals are a reminder of 80’s Classic Rock. The musical elements are nostalgic. The music is good. There is craft and art in this work with hints of Southern Rock, Jazz, and Blues. While the vocals are clean, there is grit to them, but I think they overpower the rest of the work. While there are a few spots where the music gets to shine, most of the time the vocals subdue everything else.

Life Of The Party (But Now He’s Dead!!)” is a complete 180 from track one. There is an Alternative groove to this track; a hypnotic feel. The vocals are mostly spoken with rhythm. The guitars have a psychedelic tone. The drums and bass also have a unique experimental feel to them. This track is interesting, intriguing, and creative. While it’s not “original” it is surely an interesting take on the sound.

Track four, “Stumblin’ Blind”, is definitely a Southern Rock, Bluesy piece. The musical elements though are alluring. There is also an orchestral sound that is unexpected, but phenomenal. Each element is intricate and carefully woven together. This is one of the most impressive tracks I’ve heard in a while.

The title track “When Pigs Fly” is different. Sometimes there is a Grungy feel, but there is still that hard tone, and the guitar solo is striking. It’s definitely a track that they had fun writing, and after all, what is music without the fun of it?

The final track “Good Times Don’t Get Better Than This” is an acoustic piece that allows these guys to show off yet another side of themselves. The vocals are overpowering, but that is forgiving in acoustic numbers and the guitars are great.

When Pigs Fly” is clearly an album written in fun. There is such an array of music that almost anyone would find something they enjoy about it. The only qualm I have is the vocals are overwhelming in some of the tracks. When there is such powerful music coming from all aspects of the music, all aspects should have equal visibility, or in this case hear-ability? The album is a fun listen and does have so much to offer in talent. There is something for everyone here in “When Pigs Fly”.

Songwriting:   7
Originality:     8
Memorability: 8
Production:    7

3 Star Rating

1. I’m A Live Frankenstein
2. Love Of The Party (But Now He’s Dead!!)
3. King Of The Hill
4. Stumblin’ Blind
5. Pissed Off
6. X-Ray Eyes
7. F.U.G.L.Y
8. When Pigs Fly
9. Good Times Don’t Get Better Than This 
Bill Gadd – Guitar
Rob Long – Drums
Brian Vollmer - Vocals
Tony Paleschi - Bass
Brian Doerner - Drums
Record Label: PERRIS Records


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