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Voltraid - Enter The World

Enter The World
by Eli Freiheit Hohozia at 22 October 2014, 10:00 AM

When I started listening to this release by German Hard-Rockers VOLTRAID, I wasn't sure if I'm actually doing this review or listening to AC/DC. The first number on this record "Ride Out" just screams AC/DC from its first chord. It's very easy to recognize this group's main influences. Namely ACDC and Deep Purple.  Enter The World is a definite head banger.  The group utilizes Flo Jung's charismatic vocals very well. Without any hassle or sophistry, the group just flows out all the classic elements of kicking Hard Rock. This ain't a Philosophy class, this is all fast beating rock n' roll about having fun, girls and sticking it to the man.

This group doesn't bring much new to the table, that isn't to say that they aren't fun to listen to, but it gets quite repetitive after few songs. From time to time there's a solo that's a bit more interesting than the usual, but it's uncommon on this release. Most interesting numbers on this release are "I Am", "Enter The World", "Born for Rock N' Roll" and "Highway Stop".

VOLTRAID aren't pretending to offer anything new, but rather do what they love and do it with passion.  So if you want to hear some ass kicking modern Hard Rock, if that's your thing and you want to hear in a modern production – VOLTARID are your pick.

3 Star Rating

1. Ride Out
2. Hot Stuff
3. I Am
4. Born for Rock N' Roll
5. Saturday Night
6. Voltraid
7. Enter The World
8. Cash
9. What I Want
10. Highway Stop
Flo Jung – Vocals, Guitar
Lorenz Deschu -  Guitar
Daniel Gildel - Drums
Michael Handschuh – Bass, Backing Vocals
Record Label: Independent


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