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Vomit Angel - Imprint Of Extinction

Vomit Angel
Imprint Of Extinction
by Jamison DeBolt at 11 July 2019, 1:10 AM

VOMIT ANGEL is a three-piece Grind outfit with some Black Metal elements, hailing from Denmark. Founded in 2014, their first album - titled “Sadomatic Evil” was released March of 2017. Following, on July 19, 2019 “Imprint of Extinction” was released.

The first track, “Intro” is a sound bite from what I believe to be Evil Dead. It sets a mood, short and sweet. Next we move on to “Concussion,” twenty-three seconds of grind straight from the book. Onward we move into “Ancient Heritage” another short and sweet track. Just about a minute and a half, this gets some Black Metal vibes going, while still maintaining this weird grind thing they have going on. So far, so good. Next up is a song with a title that I find pretty comical - “Hobo in the Woods.” This track starts off with a clave, which strikes me as very cheesy. But for being so cheesy, I actually enjoyed this track. There’s some really weird things going on with the vocals that intrigue me.

Unfortunately, I don't have a ton to say about this release. It’s not very much up my alley, but I will do my best. The music is very hectic, and much of it sounds the same. This leaves the listener unsure where one song starts and another begins, save for the several tracks that start with three or four smacks on a clave. The vocals are mostly not memorable, save for the intriguing grunts I mentioned earlier. The guitar work is pretty average, and the production is really bad. I think maybe I’m missing the point of the music, but I can’t say there’s much about this release that really gets me going. Although there was a solid forty-five seconds of someone vomiting on "Vomits", and that made me really hyped for some reason. Altogether I’d say this is a good release, it just isn’t really for me.

Production: 5

3 Star Rating

1. Intro
2. Concussion
3. Ancient Language
4. Hobo in the Woods
5. Vomit Angel
6. Vomits
7. U.S.G
8. Satanic Eelhead
9. Petard
10. Hollow Earth
11. Poisoned dreams
12. The Sabbath of the Goat
13. Vestfyen Classic
14. Unearthed skull
15. Freezing to Death
16. Guinea Pig
17. Defecation
18. A Brutal Meeting
19. Surprise
20. Raped By The Horny 
Lord TItan – Drums / Percussion / Backing Vocals
Necrodevil - Electric Guitars / Vocals / Effects
Peter Hugorm - Session – Bass
Record Label: Iron Bonehead Productions


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Edited 04 October 2022

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