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Vomit Fist - Forgive But Avenge

Vomit Fist
Forgive But Avenge
by Isha Shah at 22 November 2014, 2:01 AM

Don’t get blown away by the 13 track listing as this mammoth of a creation is in fact an EP from grindcore heads VOMIT FIST. When playing in full, Forgive But Average fits its title as it speeds through each track, fast paced and cut to a blunt point before the next starts up. The trio have mastered another hooking EP which builds on from previous demos and live recordings they’ve released.

Born and bred from New York city, these metallers are found in basement gigs at the bottom your garage producing a dated sound to a modern wave of ears. Introducing us to their mark, titled track “Forgive but Average” swoops in imminently, short and crisp, the song collaborates with hardcore riffs that grove with the shouted vocals catching your breath.

Before the song is even finished another starts, with each lasting around a minute and a half their EP holds a continuous theme which has no start nor a finish, each track dissolving into another with no time for slow starts the music hits you in the face quite instantly and you are surrounded by a new noise. Along with their interesting title songs, “Eat The Hand That Feeds You“ catches you from the first few songs, as it’s repetitive chorus implant in your head with it’s crazy complex guitar bashing.

For most bands, sticking to the mainstream market of metal and producing generic metal core riffs is the safer option, however VOMIT FIST chose to ignore this root completely, as a wise choice to them for doing so. Not saying that there is anything wrong with that path, but their taste is better suited for an older set of ears.

The latter side of the EP progresses to a polished stone sound with “Broken“ expanding to Hardcore riffs and tearing shouts, an intricate guitar solo takes hold for most of the song, ending it with a strain.

As a full listen, it certainly does keep you entertained and focused directly on each change in tune, as the EP is solid and comforting to the ears, a boldly composed EP from VOMIT FIST.

3 Star Rating

1. Forgive but Average
2. Under The Rind
3. Eat The Hand That Feeds You
4. Enter My Guts
5. Frogmen
6. Ass Hammer
7. Story
8. A Public Execution
9. In Your Skin/ Born
10. The Sacred Slut
11. Broken
12. Sodom
13. Bloodfisher
Nick Vürdoth Didkovsky - Guitar
Leo Lurkrot Didkovsky - Drums
Malcolm Wazakwa Hoyt - Vocals
Record Label: Independent


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