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Vomit of Doom - Obey the Darkness

Vomit of Doom
Obey the Darkness
by Dory Khawand at 06 November 2015, 3:18 PM

If you’re going to name your band something like VOMIT OF DOOM you better have some sick compositions up your sleeve or you’re just trying hard. Luckily, the Argentinean Blackened Thrashers earned the right to such a name and with their compositions they demonstrate how a proper unity between the occult realm of Black Metal and Thrash chaos should be embodied. This amalgamation just mentioned is brought forth with the LP “Obey the Darkness”.

I wish I could describe VOMIT OF DOOM with better terms, but if I’m to say one thing about them, it’d be that they are the child that came from SARCOFAGO having hardcore intercourse with TOXIC HOLOCAUST. Why? Because the Argentinean bulldozers sound absolutely brutal, chaotic and embody the spirit of the first wave black metal movement while maintaining a perfect balance of Thrash production and feel.

Obey the Darkness” stands out in its entirety due to the slight monotony of the chaos being birthed with every track. “Perversecution” showcases the harsh high-pitched throat screams of L. Warpig and “Kill the New Messiah” is the highlight of rhythm and solo guitar play from Endless Malevolence on this record. Moreover, production-wise, this release is nowhere disappointing if one’s well acquainted with the crispy style incorporated by Thrash inspired Black Metal fans. Finally, the release closes with two demos with “Troops of Desolation” becoming a track I’ll gladly come back and listen to due to the nostalgic feeling and unclean sound.

VOMIT OF DOOM is by no means a standout band, but alongside others in this fusion genre they play their part in entertaining the general listener and the dedicated niche. “Obey the Darkness” is absolute chaos in a CD waiting to be let out. Play this baby to a crowd of thrashers and watch the blood spill.

4 Star Rating

1. Haunting (Intro)
2. Perversecution
3. Conspiracy vs the World
4. Evoked Devastation
5. Maze of Doom
6. Hablan los ya muertos (Interlude)
7. Obey the Darkness
8. Metal Pussy Attack
9. Kill the New Messiah
10. Satan’s Vengeance
11. Ultimatum (Outro)
12. Troops of Desolation (demo)
13. Into the Perdition (demo)
L. Warpig Venomous Abominator - Drums, Vocals
Endless Malevolence - Lead Guitar
Record Label: Satanath Records


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