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Vomitile - Mastering The Art Of Killing

Mastering The Art Of Killing
by Paulomaniaco at 08 December 2014, 9:19 PM

VOMITILE is a Death Metal band from Cyprus, formed in 2007. They now release their second full album entitled "Mastering The Art Of Killing". In this new album bassist Khatch Yildizian steps up to take the vocals duties after the departure of former vocalist Yiannis Gregoriou, and indeed he does a good job.

This album is for the fans of Death Metal for sure, the name VOMITILE might sounds stupid, but who cares? Then you have the lyrics, about murdering, killing and etc… again who cares? People often rant about these subjects saying how silly these bands are, it is just music, it is just for fun and if you don't like it just don't listen to it.

First track "Morbid Holocaust" sharp guitars and harsh vocals, if you like VADER then you will like this album too, very simple riffs, cool solos and double blast, "Project Mayhem" more of the same stuff, they managed to keep that old school sounding, perhaps a bit too repetitive but it still sounding cool, at times sounding like KRISIUN. "Forthcoming Apocalyptic War" good tunes and cool riffs, I mean the whole CD follows the same path and there is no much variation, music wise it is not that great, but also it is not that bad. These guys came forward to play some aggressive Death Metal and that's exactly what they have done. I don't think "Mastering The Art Of Killing" will get them any Oscars, but I am quite sure they are not giving a damn about that either.

VOMITILE have given us a straight to the point Death Metal album, and they put all their guts into it and for that I give them lots of credit and eat shit all of those who didn't like it.

Have a listen and the more you listen to it, the more it will grow on you. "Stabbed, Shot And Bludgeoned" is my favorite track and how I would like to do that to some fuckers!! The production is not top notch but does the job, front cover is very good!!

4 Star Rating

1. Morbid Holocaust
2. Project Mayhem
3. Forthcoming Apocalyptic War
4. Born To Kill
5. Forced Mutilation
6. Nekropound
7. Slaughterhead
8. Stabbed, Shot And Bludgeoned
9. Immense catastrophe
10. Commencing Assault
Khatch Yildizian - Vocals, Bass
Panos Larkou - Guitar
George Yildizian - Guitar
Hugo Olivos - Drums
Record Label: Pitch Black Records


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