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Vomiting Corpses - Coma: The Spheres Of Innocence

Vomiting Corpses
Coma: The Spheres Of Innocence
by Tom Colyer at 13 September 2014, 8:11 PM

A name like VOMITING CORPSES can only really mean one thing, turn up the stereo and prepare to terrify the children next door, as your speakers invoke the blood-thirst of Lamashtu the child eater.  Thankfully, the re-release of the full-length album from these 20-year veterans of Death Metal does not disappoint, and there are currently several families in my neighbourhood wondering where their toddlers have gone.

It is a very interesting thing to have an album from 1995 released now, almost 20 years after it first saw the dark of night. It kind of makes me reflect on how much has changed, or how little.  I'm not going to pretend that I have been listening to Metal for that long because that would just make me a liar. I was still barely in school by 1995 and Death Metal was the last thing on my mind, I was too busy avoiding child eating demons. This is why it is so interesting, as we now have an entirely new generation of fans of the genre, and it is refreshing to hear that all of the things I love about Death Metal were at their finest 20 years ago, and have not really been changed that much.

“Coma: The Spheres Of Innocence” is an album of two halves; the album taking up the first section, and the latter half playing home to the “Cold Blood” demo versions of a whole bunch of tracks. There are no punches pulled with this one, and within 30 seconds of the album opening, you are treated to a full on sonic siege.  The guitars are so crunchy it feels like they are taking bites out of your head with every down-stroke, and although everything is going at close to the speed of insanity, you can still hear the technical prowess and ability that is present behind this maelstrom. I think one thing I love the most about this album though, is the vocal work. It has become so common for bands to get caught up in not just screaming; I think sometimes maybe it has become passé in recent years and everyone has decided to grow a vagina where their face used to be. Not these guys though! The entire farmyard is there, and somewhere in between the guttural cows being eviscerated and the pigs having their throats slit, you can almost catch a glimpse of the true heaven.

The latter part of the album is much of the same brutal joy, but without any production value to it. Sadly, I am a stickler for good production and the second part of the album just didn't tickle my fun buds quite like the first. I guess this is something that is borne of my generation, a need to have slightly more polish on our sound, and with the drastic over-production of Death Metal these days, we have just become too used to having it there like a comforting blanket in the night. This said, the demos are still excellent, and you can get a real sense for exactly how these songs were originally intended.

If you like Death Metal, then you need this album in your life. If you don't like Death Metal, then maybe you need to reconsider your musical tastes.

4 Star Rating

1. Kingdom Of The Blind
2. Dogmas Ignored
3. Ice-Age Of The Common Sense
4. Coma…
5. Si Vis Pacern
6. Island Of Sorrow
7. Kingdom Of The Blind (Cold Blood Demo)
8. Screaming Spirits
9. When Does Cry
10. Causes Of Misery
11. Cold Blood
12. Operation Desertstorm
13. Ice-Age Of The Common Sense
14. Exhausted Will To Live
Spinka - Guitars, Vocals
Tom Zorn – Guitars, Vocals
F. Schaper - Bass
R. Nolte - Drums
Record Label: Wardead Records


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