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Vomitory - Blood Rapture (CD)

Blood Rapture
by Chris Manouras at 29 March 2002, 2:19 AM

Decapitated bodies, spilled intestines and lots of blood gushing from everywhere…this is the picture that comes to mind when listening to the Blood Rapture of Vomitory.

Extreme, perverse, Swedish death-grind metal, Vomitory' s fourth release has the sign For Adults Only and comes to mark with its bloody stain every blood-craving disciple of this kind of music.

Heavy, grinding guitars, brutal vocals, almost bullet-fast speeding drums, and a rough bass, create cadences of extreme ferocity, as well as a rapturous environment of obscene atrocity.

The sound is good and the production signed by the experienced Henrik Larsson.

All of you head-banging maniacs, that have valued bands like Napalm Death and Obituary or even Six Feet Under, will probably like this album.

Anyhow, this album is certainly fast, raw, violent and BLOODY!!!

3 Star Rating

Chaos Fury
Hollow Retribution
Blessed And Forsaken
Madness Prevails
Redeemed In Flames
Nailed, Quarted, Consumed
Eternity Appears
Rotting Hill
Blood Rapture
Erik Rundqvist - Bass, Vocals
Urban Gustafsson - Guitar
Ulf Dalegren - Guitar
Tobias Gustafsson - Drums


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