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Vomitory - Primal Massacre (CD)

Primal Massacre
by Thodoris Pantazopoulos at 06 April 2004, 12:50 AM

I've been waiting for this release with great impatience, not only because their last album Blood Rapture was one of 2002's highlights but I also personally consider them as one of the leviathans in the brutal-death field, a band that made throughout it's career numerous and steadily taken steps of progress. A band that must, at last, obtain the recognition it surely deserves, as with Primal Massacre they look straight in the eye the institutional names of the genre and equally claim their stay on the throne.
Ladies and gentlemen we have a war over here! Ten atrocious, aboriginal songs, 37 minutes of absolute chaos, paranoia, sickness and perversion that will transcend you into the lungs of hell and bring you up against a primitive and evil force. Lock up your daughters and wives, this is a F*****G nightmare, an unholy gift from Vomitory that will awake your most primal (what a suitable album title…) instincts.
There's nothing less here for the listener to expect than songs, which prove the synthetic apogee of the band. Monstrous, inspired riffing, a vocalist who sounds more like a hungry zombie ready to tear your heart apart and in brevity everything here seems to be in place. From the totally infernal artwork (by far their best one) to the very end of the album you will discover a million reasons to worship Primal Massacre.
No doubt, this is the moment that will consecrate Vomitory even upon the most assuming death metal fans' conscience. I hate to be exaggerating and make cursory and hotheaded assertions, but this time I'm really ecstatic. I've heard this album more than 20 times, I really can't find any blotch, only reasons to like it more and more. Until now, 100% the finest death metal release of the year and only time will tell for its diachronic value. One thing is for sure, I know what will keep my CD player busy for the next months…

4 Star Rating

Primal Massacre
Gore Apocalypse
Stray Bullet Kill
Epidemic(Created To Kill)
Demon's Divine
Autopsy Extravaganza
Condemned By Pride
Cursed Revelations
Chainsaw Surgery
Tobias Gustafsson - Drums
Ulf Dalegren - Guitars
Erik Rundqvist -  Bass/Vocals
Ulf Dalegren - Guitars
Record Label: Metal Blade


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