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Von - Dark Gods: Seven Billion Slaves

Dark Gods: Seven Billion Slaves
by Marcos "The Jungle Guy" Garcia at 05 September 2013, 10:15 AM

At the rise of second Black Metal wave, some names really had a grip on some bands of that generation, including the North American pioneers of VON, who influenced many fans from Scandinavian bands, even DARK FUNERAL made a version of one of their songs in their “The Secrets of the Black Arts”. But even with this importance, they entered in a hiatus from 1992 (the beginning of the second advent of Black Metal) to 2010, when they got back, and finally release a full length in 2012, “Satanic Blood”. And with no time to loose, these Black Metal heroes get back with their new album, “Dark Gods: Seven Billion Slaves”.

No, forget about a way-clean music, with so beautiful arrangements. This is VON, so it means that you all can expect a very morbid and simple music, darker and heavy as Hell, and raw to the bone, reminding acts like Finnish BEHERIT, Canadian BLASPHEMY and Brazilian SARCÓFAGO. The vocals are way guttural and “from-the-depths”, guitar riffs are very simple, as well as bass and drums do the same way, with climatic keyboards. But the way the band does their sound is the way it really catch us all.

As said above, their music is way too simple, but along with the oppressive brutality and darkened tempos, it’s the key to make they sound great, with a very raw and harsh production, done by Venien himself, having Andrew Ragin in mixing work, and John Gray in mastering. It’s really murky, but that is how Black Metal is.

Nine tracks of a severe heart attack to the weak awaits us all, some being giants with more than 10 minutes, others very short, but the band hits the bull’s-eye in songs like “Hands of Black Death” (a very slow and morbid songs, with some incredible riffs), the short and fast “Dark Gods” (hear as the keyboards and guitar evolves along, creating a darkened felling), and in this same way is “DevilWhore”, the oppression made music called “iAmInHuMan” (with some great grunts, with good mid tempos), and the funereal “Black Eyes”. The other ones are fine pieces as well.

An album made for the Black Metal fans that miss a lot the underground years between 1992 and 1996, and to others who like a more raw sound. 

4 Star Rating

1. They Have Come
2. Ancient Flesh of the Dark Gods
3. Hands of Black Death
4. Dark Gods
6. DevilWhore
7. iAmInHuMan
8. RawRot
9. Black Eyes
Venien – Bass, Vocals
Lord Giblete – Lead Guitars
Record Label: Von Records


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