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Von Mollestein – The Order Of The Fist

Von Mollestein
The Order Of The Fist
by MetalWim at 30 March 2023, 11:55 AM

First off I have a confession to make. This album was not sent to me by the people who are responsible for distributing the music at Metal Temple. No, it was a request I made, and it sent to me by a man who I know from his past endeavours with bands like DELIRIOUS, HOER, HELLDRIVER and KLONT. The latter two are still active, but now without the participation of as he is now known, Dunkelwalt Immerkalt. He always was the main songwriter in the bands he was in, and that hasn’t changed now he is working in VON MOLLESTEIN. But, to be fair, he always leaves the lyrics to the person who has to spell them out, and that hasn’t changed either. Mr. Cooger has made a good effort to have the lyrics come together with the music.

“The Order Of The Fist” actually is the second full length album from this Dutch band, hailing from the Nijmegen area in the east of our little country. Their first one being “Fistful Of Mental”, which was released in 2020. They even have an EP from 2019 called “Knock Your Knuckles” and a split EP with PRICKROTT, which is “A Journey Into The Depths Of Nihilism”, released in 2021.  So, you can’t treat VON MOLLESTEIN as a novice. These are very experienced musicians, and that is very viable when you start listening to the Electronic Death Noise that these three degenerates are producing on The Order Of The Fist”. You will get Noise, you will get Death Metal, you will even get some Grindcore, but always laid out on an electronic bed of rhythms and sounds.

And even though I was quite sceptical at first, I can only say that very soon the music wormed it’s way through my defences and embedded itself into my brains. And as this is a musical genre that is feels like an amalgamation of a lot of different ones, the variation and diversity is staggering without becoming overwhelming. This gives “The Order Of The Fist” the coherence that is required to make an album surpass itself. The quality of the music will sound random when you start listening, but VON MOLLESTEIN has been able to record everything in such a way that everything seems to improve every time you listen to it, making “The Order Of The Fist” one of those diamonds in the rough that is polishing themselves through time. I find that quite an achievement.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. My Friend Ricky
2. For Dark Glory
3. Jacky Boy
4. Zwartnacht
5. We Suck You In
6. Blood On The Dancefloor
7. Midnight Meateater
8. Voodoo Death
9. With Hate I’m In Love
10. To Err Is Divine
Mr. Cooger – Screams/Gruntz
Dunkelwalt Immerkalt – Guitars/Synthesizer Programming
Dr. West – Bass/Backing Vocals
Record Label: Independent


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