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Voodoo Kiss - Voodoo Kiss

Voodoo Kiss
Voodoo Kiss
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 23 December 2022, 4:23 AM

Metal and Rock are musical genres that become addictions for musicians, because even through great hardships, they always are playing on bands and releasing new albums. Even when they’re not paid for it as they deserve! But they’re always trying, playing and creating music. And one fine example of a resilient act is VOODOO KISS, a German quartet that’s back to the front (the band was founded on 1995, but the musician parted ways on 2000) and only now is releasing its first album, “Voodoo Kiss”.

We can say that their musical work is based on a form of German mix between influences of Heavy Metal, Hard Rock and some touches of Power Metal, in a form that could be said as Old School. The combination of catching melodies and a great amount of musical weight, remarkable choruses, and good taste is on the same way that’s usual from German Metal School, and it's not ’ sin to say that they are into a style of making music similar to ACCEPT and bands of NWOBHM as SAXON, but it doesn’t mean that they’re a copy. Not at all, and the album transpires honesty and energy.

Dominik Bauer worked on the recording and mixing, and Michael Hauff signs the mastering of “Voodoo Kiss”. Their work was done in a form that the quartet’s music can have an organic insight and simple sonority (like a ‘plug and play’ sensation), but done in a careful way to keep the balance of weight and clarity in the right proportions. But the tunes could be better worked (for the next time, things will be fine). And as guest, the band brought Steffi Stuber to make some vocals.

All the 8 songs of “Voodoo Kiss” are very good, and will make the fans question why in the blazes they took so long for releasing this album. And the best ones for a first experience on the quartet’s attack are “The Beauty and the Beast” (a very good mix between melodies and weight, with very good guitar riffs and solos that honor the German Metal traditions), “Nice Guys” (this one has an outfit similar to the early days of German Metal of the 80’s, keeping the Hard Rock influences clear, especially on the vocals and chorus), “The Prisoner” (a climatic and heavy-crushing song, with a good technical work on bass guitar and drums), “The Eagle in the Sky” (another moment when the mix between Heavy Metal and Hard Rock becomes clear to the ears), and “No Time”. Ok, their musical work is nothing new, this genre is widely known, but in the hands of these guys, things become really tasteful.

For a first work, “Voodoo Kiss” shows potential to bring the quartet to a higher level of popularity in the scene. And welcome back, VOODOO KISS.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 7

4 Star Rating

1. The Beauty and the Beast
2. The Killer
3. Nice Guys
4. The Prisoner
5. Bat an Eye
6. The Eagle in the Sky
7. No Time
8. Thousands Steps of Goodbye
Gerrit Mutz - Vocals
Martin Beuther - Guitars
Klaus Wieland - Bass
Achim Ostertag - Drums
Record Label: Reaper Entertainment


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