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Voodus - Into the Void Award winner

Into the Void
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 30 November 2018, 10:14 PM

The 90s’ extreme Metal genres still are a great and remarkable influence for bands in these modern days, especially when Black Metal’s name is spoken. Those days revealed legendary names that are sources of inspiration for many. And we can say that the Swedish quartet VOODUS is one of them, as their first album, called “Into the Wild” shows clearly. They’re heavily influenced by Swedish melodic Death/Black Metal names, especially DISSECTION and LORD BELIAL, with fine melodic and technical arrangements, excellent rhythmic changes and darkened melodies. But the word written above is “influence”, not “copy”, for their music bears a strong and lovely amount of personality, and this blend of harsh and aggressive impact with dark and beauty melodies is really amazing. Yes, they’re pretty good!

The sound quality of the album has the same insight used on “Storm of the Light’s Bane” and “Enter the Moonlight Gate”: raw and harsh in a Black Metal way (what comes from the instrumental tunes), but bearing that essential clarity that allows the listener to understand what is being played by them. Yes, they found something excellent that fits in their musical work.

Musically, even the quantity of songs has the charm of the 90’s: eight songs, two of them are short instrumental ones. “The Golden” bears excellent guitar riffs and tempo changes (being a song with a simple technical approach), as “Gnothi Seauton” focus on a melancholic slow paced rhythm (fine harsh voices along great melodies). “Into the Wild” shows excellent contrasts between fast and brutal moments with some hypnotic raw melodies that hooks the listener. A strong scent of Black/Thrash Metal from the 80’s appears on the guitars on “Communion Amid the Graves”, as the introspection of melodic Death/Black Metal arises on “Dreams from an Ancient Mind Pt II” (these vocals are great, fitting perfectly on the instrumental parts). And the long and atmospheric “The Terrain of Moloch” is a kind of Black/Death Metal epic, showing the ample set of musical possibilities of the band (and how bass guitar and drums plays fast and heavy here).

VOODUS is on the right path, and have created an amazing album on “Into the Void”. But their future seems to be great, if the socialist witch-hunt that is happening on USA at this moment won’t get them.

Originality: 8
Songwriting: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. The Awakening and the Ascension
2. The Golden
3. Gnothi Seauton
4. Into the Wild
5. Communion Amid the Graves
6. Dreams from an Ancient Mind Pt I
7. Dreams from an Ancient Mind Pt II
8. The Terrain of Moloch
T. Fongelius - Guitars, Vocals
E. Kjönsberg - Guitars
F. Sundgren - Bass
I. Carlsson - Drums
Record Label: Shadow Records


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Edited 26 May 2019

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