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Voracious Scourge – In Death Award winner

Voracious Scourge
In Death
by "Der Bärtige Mann" Gareth Beams at 17 August 2020, 10:51 AM

VORACIOUS SCOURGE is the brainchild of SUTURE guitarist and songwriter Jason McIntyre and features a cast of notable talent that brings his musical vision to life: Leading the assault is vocalist Adrie Kloosterwaard, veteran vocalist for Dutch death metal legends SINISTER. Holding down the beats is none other than pioneering drummer Mike Smith, who influenced a generation of drummers with his work in SUFFOCATION. And, last but not least, world renowned Grammy nominated producer and bass player Tony Choy, who is best known for his work with technical wizards Atheist and Death metal pioneers PESTILENCE. Joining them is guitarist Billy Richard, who's also playing in CRANIAL SLEDGE.

Retribution of the Damned” works as a slowly building up intro which will end just before it expands fully, which of course leads us to

Heaven's Scorched” which is fully franticly paced, sounding like something IMMORTAL or anything to do with ABBATH would have done, instrumentally. The vocals are coarse and raw but the melodies are still beautifully done showing a great mix and depth within the song from the off. The tempo never slows too much and if it ever seems like its fading out, there is another batch of Thrash-inspired fury. This is a strong start to any album, showing us what they have in store and how it will be thrown at us. The control shown in this song just proves what a strong starter song can do for an album.

Defleshed Messiah” doesn’t seem to have slowed down much if any. This one has the VADER Death Metal approach ringing through our ears. It’s a fluid song and keeps pulsating the melodies around brilliantly. The song picks up pace within itself by allowing the expansive melodies to spiral around, causing new sounds and new harmonies. Well played. The thing I like is how the harmonies are not predictable, you cant start air guitaring to this in places thinking you’ll know exactly what comes next, its mixing things up. Another solid effort.

Voracious Scourge” starts off with a strange sample, which doesn’t really go anywhere, but what does happen is the start of the great melodies once more. This one, overall seems slower in certain ways such as Bass seems to be less involved than in the other songs. That being said, its still frantic and furious in most of the song, so its not as if you're gonna be getting bored of it any time soon.

Mental Enslavement” keeps the pace at the start good, not too fast, but controlled well enough to allow it to be enjoyed. The vocals add to the song by remaining as raw and acute as they have throughout the album. This is another one where you can hear the Old School Death Metal vibes oozing through perfectly. When its this good you don’t even care who the band is and how long they have been together for. Its flawless. The beauty of the solos by Tony Tipton is brilliant.

In Death” brings the tempo down, but not far enough for any complaints to be made, this just shows the intensity of the previous song. The vocals act as control to the tempo and fluidity of the song. The melodies still thumping out Old School DM, its what fans want to hear. The solos again are brilliantly done, adding some clean melodies into the song, mixing things up again. It’s a blend of beauty and chaos and you cannot argue with the results.

A Life Condemned” is yet another one that starts heads banging and feet tapping. The tempo is brilliant again. The melodies surrounding the song just work so well again, its hard to work out how a band that have been together so such a short amount of time have such brilliant coherence together. The tempo never dials lower than top spot for the song and the bending guitar works perfectly to add more atmosphere to the song.

Harbinger of Our Own Demise” guess what, it goes heavy AF again from the off, do these guys know how to take things easy? Doubt it. The vocals complete the harmony buy never trying to out do any instrumental aspect of the band and the song. The song may not be as frantic as others, but in doing so makes the song more fluid and that allows it to progress within its own self. They have nailed another song by changing very little but making the changes seem huge.

Tank Tread Evisceration” carries on with the almost BOLT THROWER style pace openers. The thickness of the melodies this time allows us to hear where other cleaner cut aspects can come in, including the spiraling guitar licks. The song keeps ticking over brilliantly, just as to how we have come to expect by this stage of the album. The beautiful solo work comes back in to play once more and makes the song better and far more expansive. Even though the tricks they are using are expected, somewhat, they are so brilliantly executed. Fantastic end to the album.

Flawless. New band meets Old School Death Metal, how can we not love this/.

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Retribution of the Damned (Intro)
2. Heaven's Scorched
3. Defleshed Messiah
4. Voracious Scourge
5. Mental Enslavement
6. In Death
7. A Life Condemned
8. Harbinger of Our Own Demise
9. Tank Tread Evisceration
10. Born Dead (DEATH cover)
Aad Kloosterwaard – Lead Vocals
Billy Richard – Rhythm Guitars & Backing Vocals
Tony Choy – Bass Guitar
Jason McIntyre – Guitars
Mike Smith – Drums


Ghislain Van Der Stel (SINISTER): Bass on "Tank Tread Evisceration" and "Born Dead"
Simon Škrlec (VULVATHRONE): Drums on "Tank Tread Evisceration"
Tony Tipton (REGURGITATION): Second lead guitar solo on "Mental Enslavement"
James Murphy (ex-DEATH, ex-TESTAMENT): First lead guitar on "Voracious Scourge"
Andy LaRocque (KING DIAMOND): Second lead guitar on "Voracious Scourge"
Chad Kelly (EXCOMMUNICATED): Backing vocals on "Voracious Scourge"
Record Label: Massacre Records


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