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Vorgok - Assorted Evils Award winner

Assorted Evils
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 06 November 2016, 4:49 AM

In this revival of Thrash Metal from the 80s, one extremely important feature that a great part of the bands of this movement forgot is: you need to have personality, and a soul that will make a link between the past and the present that will allow you to build something different from what already exists. The Brazilian quartet VORGOK is up to it, creating a massive and brutal Thrash Metal strike on “Assorted Evils,” their first album. Blood in their eyes, and Thrash Metal in their souls, the first musical influence that you will hear is from SLAYER and EXODUS from their earlier albums, but some touches from Crossover bands are presented as well, and even some influences from DEATH, CELTIC FROST and something from the German Thrash Metal School as well. However, it’s not outdated or moldy. Indeed, their music is charming, savage and aggressive to the point that your ears will bleed if you abuse the sound volume!

Celo Oliveira is the producer of “Assorted Evils”, and he made a modern a dry sound quality, so the music that you will hear is very clear and understandable, but due the dry recording, everything that is aggressive sounds more aggressive. It is truly great! The cover is a sinister art that expresses the band’s name: the set of all evils that mankind practiced in the past, practices now and will practice in the future. “Assorted Evils” is excellent from its beginning to its very end, but we can point as their finest assaults: the massive and aggressive strike of insane guitar riffs shown in the brutal ones “Deception in Disguise” and “Hunger” (this one is their official video, a violent blow of riffs in your ears, and pay attention to the vocals); the bitter guitars and vocals on “Kill Them Dead” (where the contrast between fast tempos and slow ones is a great feature of their personality), the excellent work from bass guitar and drums in “Antagonistic Hostility”; “Hell's Portrait” with its tempo changes and little Death Metal touches; the brutal raid of guitar riffs of “Man Wolf to Man” (with some influence from HC and Crossover, especially on guitar solos), and the bitter and slow “Mass Funeral at Sea,” where the influences from Old School Death Metal are clear, showing excellent abrasive guitar riffs, a compact and solid work from rhythmic kitchen, and very good vocals.

VORGOK is one of the finest revelations of this year, and “Assorted Evils” is a ticket for Thrash Metal mayhem and a good showing of how to be a Thrash Metal band with influences from the 80s. But this is what experienced musicians with passages from names as EXPLICIT HATE, NECROMANCER, DARKTOWER, DEMOLISHMENT and others. Prepare your necks, and blow your ears to pieces!

Originality: 7
Songwriting: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Deception in Disguise
2. Hunger
3. Kill Them Dead
4. Last Nail in Our Coffin
5. Antagonistic Hostility
6. Hell's Portrait
7 Headless Children
8. Man Wolf to Man
9. Drowning
10. Mass Funeral at Sea
Edu Lopez - Guitars, vocals
Bruno Tavares - Guitars
João Wilson - Bass
Jean Falcão - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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