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Voros - Diseased Deity

Diseased Deity
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 27 May 2016, 9:11 AM

Well, since the first years of the 90s, the Metal scene started to show very good names on extreme Metal styles. Of course some fans would complain, but names as MORTIFICATION with their album "Scrolls of the Megiloth" (released by Nuclear Blast) and PARAMAECIUM's "Within the Ancient Forest" called the attention from many fans before the antichristian fundamentalism surge. But not only from Christian bands lives the Australian scene, as VOROS is here to prove with their first album, "Diseased Deity".

I'll be straight with my words: they play Death Metal in a traditional way. Yes, it's traditional, in the sense that they remember bands from the coming of those legions from the beginning of the 90s. Yes, they have a similarity with DISMEMBER, but with some personal touches that comes from modern bands from Groove Metal, a good level of instrumental technique, and some vocals with harsh tunes that are a bit different from the guttural that we commonly hear on Death Metal bands. But don't get the wrong idea, because they are violent and aggressive.

Andy Kite (that helped on the recording, and did the mixing) and Chris “Zeuss” Harris (on mastering) had done a good work. They made their efforts in a way that made the band's song sound brutal, heavy and aggressive, but with a sense of clarity that allows us all to understand VOROS' music. It's not perfect, but very good, and it fits on what they want to do.

Their nine songs offer thundering music, aggressive and done with high doses of adrenaline. But I dare to point as their best moments "Thief of Fire" (with tempo changes between fast and slower moments, with fine aggressive vocals), the fast and furious "Feasting on the Flesh of Elders" (in a traditional Death Metal sense and with abrasive guitars drilling strong riffs on our ears), "Impetus of Misery" with its not so fast tempos and bitter atmosphere, the harsh and raw power that "Sea of Dead Trees" shows (along with a fine work from bass guitar and drums), the slower and catching "Diseased Deity", and the technical work heard on "Cerebral Plexation".

They are a good promise in terms of Death Metal; so let's hope that the future would open their hands for these guys.

Originality: 7
Songwriting: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 7

4 Star Rating

1. Thief of Fire
2. Feasting on the Flesh of Elders
3. Impetus of Misery
4. Devilment
5. Sea of Dead Trees
6. Diseased Deity
7. Futility of the Human Endeavour
8. Hands of Hell
9. Cerebral Plexation
Ty Braithwaite - Vocals
Jack Bolingbroke - Guitars
Matt Disisto - Guitars, Backing Vocals
James Read - Bass
Liam Weedall - Drums
Record Label: Truth Inc Records


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