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Vortex Of Clutter - Eclipse Of Reason Beyond Time

Vortex Of Clutter
Eclipse Of Reason Beyond Time
by Eli F. Hohozia at 18 January 2015, 7:50 AM

Turkish death metal group VORTEX OF CLUTTER are an interesting animal in the scene. A high quality blend of extreme metal. Since they formed in 2008 they released two EPs and "Eclipse Of Reason Beyond Time" is their second full-length album. And what can I tell you? It's a fucking delight. Intricate, intelligent, hard-driven and cutting to the core. It's a solid record yet so fluent. A tight professional production. It has exactly whatever a good death metal record requires.

The album starts with "Spectre", a fine orchestral intro. Not cheesy and not too long either, but it doesn't prepare you to the second track  "Rise of the Ghosts".  A fast-paced headbanger. The vocal growls remind a bit of some Cannibal Corpse numbers. A fine guitar work as well. An evil track through and through.

"A Simple Broken Man" is a techy tune. It has great phrasing and incorporation of clean vocals alongside the growls. A great use of backing vocals. At the end there's a solo alongside a great arpeggio section. There's nothing bad to say about the technicality here, but I must admit that it feels that the track lacks in content.

Another number I enjoyed was "Salvation Solution". It was more varied, displayed some different bits than what we heard so far. Definitely one of the gems in this record. The short bass interlude was cute, as well are the few clean parts. There's a lot of emphasis on the rhythm, the way they do it feels like a trademark. This track  is full of great riffs. And the riff in 0:28 reminds me some song very vividly, it's on the tip of my tongue but I still can't name it. And the solo is mesmerizing.

The last two tracks - "Cannibal Holocaust" and "Conquerors of the Sun" are the cherry at the top of the cake. Intricate song-writing, great layering and good chemistry.

What really hit home for me in this record is what the way the growl parts aligned with the rhythm in some tracks. The drummers drive the tracks well. There's some great chemistry between the different roles. The problem is that this record gives us too much of the same. The group did add some spice in some tracks, in the form of more clean interludes or audio clips from other sources, and the tactful solos. But I felt I needed to hear a bigger spectrum of what this group is definitely capable. No words could be said about the tight production, it was it is. No fuck-ups here. It was done with carefulness and thought behind it.
So for conclusion,   those who are fans of the genre and want to hear some really high quality material - this is definitely it. Don't miss this release. For those who are more into progressive types of music, this might not be the top choice.

3 Star Rating

1. Spectre
2. Rise of the Ghosts
3. Waltz of the Living Dead
4. Simple Broken Man
5. Eclipse
6. Dying Star
7. Death's Smile
8. Have Fun
9. Salvation/Solution
10. Cannibal Holocaust
11. Conquerors of the Sun
Furkan Gulenc - Bass
Zafer Tunaboylu - Lead Guitar and Backing Vocals
Gökhan Koç - Vocals
Can Yildiz - Drums
Ali Sak - Guitars
Record Label: WormHole Death Records


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