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Vox Mortis – Avignam Jagat Samagram Award winner

Vox Mortis
Avignam Jagat Samagram
by Thomas Kumke at 14 March 2021, 2:29 PM

VOX MORTIS hailing from Jakarta, Indonesia was formed in 2020. They are a Death Metal band with Grindcore elements and their main lyrical theme is about animal rights. After they released a couple of demos last year, they now are ready to go with their debut full-length album which was worldwide released via Brazilian label Necropsy Records which is specialized in brutal Death Metal. “Avignam Jagat Samagram” was recorded and produced at Tonebetter Soundlab Studio. The album has a length of almost 49 minutes.

Avignam Jagat Samagram” means “May The Universe Be Saved” and this is the main message of VOX MORTIS with their debut album. In principle, it is a concept album about animal welfare and the preservation of the environment and it is the band’s major concern since their formation. Musically it is as good as any Death Metal album, but the lyrical theme and messaging makes them special and unique especially when considering the typical lyrical portfolio of many Death Metal or Grindcore bands. The sound is a mix of traditional Death Metal and Grindcore. The song structures are highly variable ranging from mid-tempo to high speed. The two opening songs “Sadisfaction” and “Forever No To Dog Meat” are very fast songs with mid-tempo breaks, aggressive guitar riffs, relentless blast-beat sections, and brutal growls at the low end of the guttural range with occasional screams. “Forever No To Dog Meat” also includes a cool down-tempo section. The song is available as video and the YouTube link is given below.

VOX MORTIS are not shy of experimenting with their sound, so on “Avignam Jagat Samagram” and “Bayar Dendam Balas Hantam” where they include orchestral arrangements by Tony Noviyanto. Both songs also include a few progressive elements. Some of the songs on the album contain lead guitar sequences and solos, such as “Sadisfaction” or “Dendam Balas Hantam” with the latter one including a lot of disharmonies and twists.

Mati! Mati! Mati!” and “Tees Darah Pecundang” are more examples where VOX MORTIS show how good they are. Those songs have everything the Death Metal and Grindcore fan can possibly ask for: pace, hammering drums with blast-beat and double-bass sections, crunching bass, excellent lead guitar parts, frequent changes in tempo, and growls coming from the abyss. “Torture 365” is a beast of a song and played blisteringly fast with insane lead guitar parts and an extremely dark mid-tempo part at the very end of the song. The growls are intensified by ear-deafening screams during the chorus. “Di Atas Altar Tradisi” is one of the songs that include very dark and doomy guitar riffs and leads especially during the mid-tempo sections. The lead guitar solo near the end of the song perfectly fits into the sound.

The longest song on the album is “Ode Untuk Sang Jenderal” which is an instrumental and one of the highlights on “Avignam Jagat Samagram”: starting with an orchestral part, it transitions into a dark mid-tempo sequence and then in a high-speed part with flesh-ripping guitar riffs and an excellent lead guitar solo. This is followed by an atmospheric mid-tempo part until the song slowly fades out. VOX MORTIS conclude their album with a tribute song to MORBID ANGEL.

Avignam Jagat Samagram” is a damned good Death metal album with Grindcore elements. This is remarkable, given that it is the debut album of a newly formed band. VOX MORTIS not only impress with their relatively mature sound, they also have something relevant to say. This makes them unique and gives them their own identity. Overall, the album is very well produced and it is a joy listen to it. VOX MORTIS is a band to watch in the future and “Avignam Jagat Samagram” will surely be a favorite of Death Metal and Grindcore fans.

Songwriting:  9
Musicianship:  10
Memorability:  8
Production:  8

4 Star Rating

1. Sadisfaction
2. Forever No To Dog Meat
3. Avignam Jagat Samagram
4. Bayar Dendam Balas Hantam
5. Primata Durjana
6. Mati! Mati! Mati!
7. Tees Darah Pecundang
8. Torture 365
9. Ronta Semesta
10. Di Atas Altar Tradisi
11. Friends Not Food
12. Ode Untuk Sang Jenderal
13. Chapel Of Ghouls/Immortal Rites (MORBID ANGEL cover)
Doni Herdaru – Vocals
Rsharsh – Guitars
Suakarya TGN – Guitars
Achmad Mustaid – Drums
Doniro Hayashi– Bass
Record Label: Independent


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