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Vox Tempus - In The Eye Of Time (CD)

Vox Tempus
In The Eye Of Time
by Thodoris Pantazopoulos at 10 November 2004, 4:20 AM

Vox Tempus was first introduced in this column a couple of months ago, with their demo CD that included 3 songs which we can also see now in their debut official release in no-alternative shape. I remember (and you can also check it out) that I've had serious speculations about their vocalist, as his voice most of the times remained in high pitch and encumbered the overall remarkable effort. Leaving some space for reservation, as it was too early to prejudge anything, I remained thoughtful and receptive for the full-length release where things would be clarified.
The band plays sufficiently good Progressive Metal and though the Dream Theater-wannabe moments are plenty, there are some very beautiful songs in The Eye Of Time. First of all, technically speaking the band is absolutely flawless. Besides, they aren't rookies in what they do; each of them holds some certain experience and history behind him, so you won't meet something less than extra-professional in this album. Apart from this though, it is easy to notice that the band is also fairly gifted in composing good songs properly utilizing (but in an excessive way sometimes) their influences. For example I don't think that songs like the opener, Escape and Voice Of Time won't touch the genre's fans - but exclusively them. Progressive music was always a case for the few and this album won't alter this existing status quo. On the other hand I'm sure that among other new releases of the same genre, it will sort out for those who look deeper into this music and also have the required patience and kindness to get along with Dan Reed's voice…
You know, I'm very sorry to have to say even one single negative word for bands that have the ability to write interesting songs and deliver results of high standards but I deeply believe that this is for their own good. If they had a more expressive vocalist like for example Roy Khan, James LaBrie or Mike Baker things would get spectacularly better for the band. Dan Reed is a very good vocalist, but when he gets into high pitch the magic is gone and he sounds a bit vexatious to tell the truth. And unfortunately, most of the time his voice's tension is in hard to contemplate high levels.
Vox Tempus is a very interesting band and a hot prospect for the future. Personally, they've created to me high expectations with this debut for what may follow, and I believe that at least in the prog field they'll get what they deserve. Until then, they should: a) Find a new vocalist or work the shit out of Dan Reed and b) Get immediately away a bit from their influences (guys 95% of people into this music have heard other Caught In A Web songs, what were you thinking when you were writing down the intro of What About?) and slowly starts to shape their own personality. Good job guys!
- Album Highlights: For Every Life, Escape, Voice Of Time and What About

3 Star Rating

For Every Life
What About
Voice Of Time
Love, Lies And Treason
Steal The Moment
Ray Mantor - Guitars
Eric Ragno - Keyboards
Dan Reed - Vocals
Jim Turba - Bass
Gregg Bissonette - Drums
Record Label: Progman Records


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