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Voyager - V

by Yngwieviking at 08 June 2014, 8:51 PM

The style of VOYAGER is eminently exclusive and far from the clichés, so damn special. It is composed with an improved amalgam of easy listening 80’s Pop melodies, with some complex structures and odd pattern embellished by a New wave flavor in the smart arrangments and in the keyboards textures.

One thing is certain, in bringing a sudden rejuvenated blow in a crowded market, the new Progressive Metal scene in Australia is becoming prominent. With the amazing releases of VANISHING POINT / TERAMAZE / DAMNATION'S DAY and of course the amazing LORD’s “Digital Lies” : the thinking Power Metal flow from down-under is unexpectedly solid, creative and exceptionally interesting. This is a new challenger…Here is VOYAGER’s “V“

“V“ like Very unsual in its construction, surprisingly strong both in the agressive parts but mostly in those smooth moments and in the sweet harmonic themes. The time-signature modulation are mind stimulating and in perfect conjunction with their Neo-Prog background, while the synthesizers sounds, emotional High Pitched vocals, and the phrasing of Daniel Estrin are flattering their proper originality. In their caracteristic appetency for the soft edge of Old School Pop, under a polished and pristine sonic production!

His leader's unique voice and tone range, is an essential part of the personality of the group. Their greatest asset, along with an obvious expertise when it comes to finding strange structures and infectious hooks. Their songwriting skills are impressive, here is 13 songs and 54 minutes to embrace their subtle vision!

If I wasn’t totally convinced by this melting pot of style in their first attempt like 2007’s “Univers” or “The Meaning of I” in 2011 , those albums were praised by many fans and acclaimed by some respected colleagues and experts alike. So i’m glad to have given another chance to reach the core-potential of this unusual act. The new focus on some more atmospheric side are responsible for this successful update!

The captivating harmonic texture and the etheral sensations are the norm here. The dominating feeling is all about a constant wonderment, an endless mesmerized mode (“A Beautiful Mistake” with an additional female voice) ,a swirl of perceptions with a refreshing shuffle, the refined collection of improved parameters are plentiful. The mysterious development of “Hyperventilating” is impressive and unexpected. The chalenging driving rythm, provided by incisive and dynamic guitar/drums collaboration for “The Morning Light” or the Metal Core breakdown at the end of “It’s a Wonder” is jubilatory!

The second track “Breaking Down” is also among the highlights with its infused mix of Melodic Metal and Mainstream Rock. This is the most valid summary of the band capacities to give a new emphasis on sensibility and accessibility for the masses. Exactly like the rightly titled “Embrace the Limitless” which is clearly the most daring and extravagant tune with this intrepid blend of antagonist beat, with electronic colors pushed at the max!

The best analogy that I could find is ARK meets MUSE meets TEARS FOR FEARS meets PAGAN’S MIND. Big applause for Lance King and its fine label Nightmare Records who definitely had a golden hear for Modern Progressive Metal and virtuoso music!

For their fifth release VOYAGER reveal their full theoretical potency and strengthens their artistic freedom, ready to make an impact in breaking the rules. It’s not your average band, I believe they are here to stay!
Of course this particulary album and the weird kind of Progressive music is an acquired taste, my approbation is subjective and an open minded attitude is recommended.

4 Star Rating

1. Hyperventilating
2. Breaking Down
3. A Beautiful Mistake
4. Fortune Favors the Blind
5. You the Shallow
6. Embrace the Limitless
7. Orpheus
8. The Domination Game
9. Peacekeeper
10. It’s a Wonder
11. The Morning Light
12. Summer Always Comes Again
13. Seasons of Age
Daniel Estrin – Lead Vocals/Keyboards
Simone Dow – Guitars
Scott Kay – Guitars
Alex Canion – Bass
Ashley Doodkorte – Drums
Record Label: IAV Records


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