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Vrani Volosa - Heresy

Vrani Volosa
by Daryl Adolph at 24 April 2011, 9:01 PM

Pagan Black Metal is a fickle sort of thing if you really get down to it. It is amazing and seep when done right… or it could be nothing but pure noise when done really badly. It is a fine, thin line that sometimes separates the two… a fact never lost on the makers of this most extreme of metal. With that explanation out of the way, lets talk about Bulgarian Mettalists called Vrani Volosa.

This powerful five piece plays some fierce Pagan styled black metal… but with a little twist to it all. They incorporate some really nasty blackened Doom Metal aspects into the music… making the whole darksome album have this aura of the deepest blackness. With some very remarkable guitar lines that can be sometimes lilting and then sometimes acid-harsh and very monstrously heavy… this band delivers music that is devilishly creative, and yet powerful enough to use it militarily.

You have such amazing compositions like the very scary Sunrise over an Age old Ground and the sledgehammer attack of The Rising Red clear that way for all to see. Talent and brutality do go together. It is these two main parts that just make Vrani Volosa better than your average Black Metal band, and it also showcases the musicianship that the style holds better than anything. With all of this, who can go wrong?

This sort of metal does not appeal to all… but any musician would begrudgingly admit that these guys can play, and play hard. Sort of throws my Father's idea of Metal being nothing but just being this sort of noise thing right out of the window. This band clearly knows what the hell they are doing, and are willing to use it for taking over the world. I am on board with them, aren’t I?

4 Star Rating

  1. Sunshine Over an Age-old Ground
  2. The Words That Ruined Me
  3. Heresy
  4. Sun
  5. Horizon
  6. All to Ash
  7. The Rising Red
  8. Fires Don't Leave Me
  9. Rivalry
  10. We Are Not Alone In Our Universe
Hristo - Vocals
Alexander - Bass
Kolyo - Guitars
Petar - Guitars
Desislav - Drums
Record Label: Arma, a Division of Corvus Records


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