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Vredesblod - Ruiner

by Andrew Harvey at 20 October 2022, 1:22 AM

Swedish heavy metal hitters VREDESBLOD are on the move as they came together last year in 2021. The band are led by the guitarist KJETIL LYNHANG(PAGANIZER and STASS)is joined by vocalist MAGNUS HULTMAN(CULT OF THE FOX), on bass duties is PETER SVENSSON(ASSASSIN’S BLADE and VOID MOON)and on the drums is MARCUS ROSENKVIST(also from ASSASSIN’S BLADE and in addition ANCHORITE). They say their music can be summed up by ‘a mix of madness and old school heavy metal with strong melodies and tasteful solos’. Their debut album RUINER is now ready to dig our teeth into well, metaphorically speaking of course. Nevertheless the leading track with “Förlat” as mid or low range guitar play the drums signal for all systems go.

Slow and steady at first but all instruments are exposed to the listener’s ears. Straight into “Eightens Storms” as we stagger into this 4 minute firmer drum part with guitar soloing. Vocals also are into the mix as they are mingling in nicely giving the track warmth as bass guitar does too. “Ruiner” is up in the firing line as melodic guitar and edge cutting drums feature as the burning desire for vocals to make their move in for the kill plus vocal harmonies. Vocals are very convincing and encourage the other instruments to share the narrative as guitar is exceeding our expectations. “Det Ralla Stalets Lofte” belts in with cunning guitar lines and drums that have executive skills indeed, the grunt of guitar/bass guitar sets the tone also. “Brant Barn” is in with rolling drum fills and spills as vocals jump in with conjectures of classic, heavy rock vibes.

A climax is existent with thumping drums as more rampage is there with all instruments. Drums end and start the next track “Genom Döda Gudars Ogon” with throbbing drum and guitar parts as guitar has more prose and a form of class. There is a bridge section where drums play their cards right and it connects guitar and vocals to each other so well. “Dar Inget Andas” takes it’s time at first the shoots off on a racy and mind blowing combination of all instruments. Guitar projects well and drums to compliment the guitar and vocals to some extent. “Blodshamnd” includes pitch shifting on guitar and sensational drumming. Vocals creep in with its heavy punching shrieks and belters, lower range textures appear later on as bass guitar or drums set an example of this.

“Jagarens Blod” continues on with the same bass heavy riffs as vocals shout and roar more that before. Exciting guitar solos are back in and even tempo or rhythm are focused on as it varies. Onto the penultimate track of this album by the Swedish act which is “Vid Vagens Slut” has a nice, clear cut tempo. Vocals do bounce and have rhythmic or accented colorization. Guitar does stand out and rolling drums reappear as we enter the final chapter of this album titled “Monket Sanker Sig Sakta”. As the wind howls on this four and half minute ending track with two guitar lines side by side. Drums push the collective onto higher ground and announce the end. Double kick patterns do come in and are mingling in with guitar solos once more as drums drive the track onwards. The album ends dramatically and quite right with vocals echoing through. Overall a great album as it has lots to speak to the listener and they didn’t let us down in our expectations, not mine at least. Well produced guitar and drums plus vocals do work well with classic heavy rock ‘n’ roll attitude.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Förlat
2. Eighetens Storm
3. Ruiner
4. Det Ralla Stâlets Lofte
5. Bränt Barn
6. Genom Döda Gudars Ögon
7. Där Inget Andas
8. Blodshämd
9. Jägarens Blod
10. Vid Vägens Slut
11. Monket Sänker Sig Sakta
Magnus Hultman - Vocals
Kjetil Lynhang - Guitars
Peter Svensson - Bass Guitar
Marcus Rosenkvist - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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