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Vrenth - Succumb to Chaos

Succumb to Chaos
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 28 September 2022, 1:03 PM

It seems that Old School Metal bands’ later generations understood what means ‘to be old, but to not copy’. Once more: no one needs a band that’s just doing what was already done without any trace of personality, because no one can give sequence to other band’s work without any member of it (there are cases that things don’t fit in such idea, as happens with TRIPTYKON, who gives continuity to CELTIC FROST’s work due the presence of Tom Gabriel). And the North American quintet VRENTH seems to understand such lesson on “Succumb to Chaos”.

Their musical work is bases on an Old School Death Metal that bears resemblances with acts that start their career between the first and second generations (between the days POSSESSED, DEATH, MASTER and MASSACRE laid the foundations of the genre, and the time when MORBID ANGEL, BOLT THROWER, AUTOPSY and others unleashed the Second Wave of Death Metal), blending influences of the Schools of the genre of Europe and North America. It’s obvious that the quintet isn’t doing something really new at all (this form is very old), but it’s full of energy and with a younger appeal. The sonority is abrasive, filthy and old fashioned, trying to give a chance for the old models of the past, and even using old instrumental tunes. It allows the listeners to understand what’s being played with some effort, so it means that the band’s music deserves something better in the future. It’s not something bad, but it could be better worked.

Musically, the Old School Death Metal fans will not have complaints to make of the band, especially on songs as “Omnipresence (Mors Certa/Hora Incerta)” (a brutal and fast song in the ways of the past, with some rhythmic shifts and a simple technical approach, but with very good hooks heard on the guitars riffs), “Demise in Hollow Suffering” (where some Grindcore traces are heard on the faster moments, and what good sickening solos and grunts), “Succumb to Chaos” (a classic approach is used on this one, with contrasts between the rhythms once more, but always with a solid work on bass guitar and drums), “An Eternal Impious War” (the slow approach in some tempos allows the band to express the bitterness of their music, with simple and efficient arrangements), and “The End as a Shadow”. But the band needs to sharp their musical efforts in a better way in the future (it’s good, but could be better).

For now, VRENTH shows a good work on “Succumb to Chaos”, in a form that the Old School Death Metal fans won’t resist. But daring a bit more, they would reach a broader public, and have a different work from many others that work in the same musical trench.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 6

3 Star Rating

1. Omnipresence (Mors Certa/Hora Incerta)
2. Demise in Hollow Suffering
3. Curse of the Living and of the Dead
4. Integrum Tenebrae
5. Succumb to Chaos
6. An Eternal Impious War
7. Contempus Mundi
8. The End as a Shadow
Mike Nelson - Vocals
Christian LaRocca - Guitars, Backing Vocals
Bob Babcock - Guitars
Steve Shrapnelson - Bass
Charlie Koryn - Drums
Record Label: Rotted Life Records


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