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Vulcano - Bloody Vengeance (Reissue)

Bloody Vengeance (Reissue)
by Marcos “Big Daddy” Garcia at 07 July 2015, 10:41 PM

Well, time to go to the past, and to be more specific, to 1986, to ol’ Big Daddy’s country, Brazil.

On those days, we were all young ones, doing innocent riot acts (as hearing music in extreme volume levels, using black shirts and inverted crosses, that kind of things), and our scene was stronger and united. And as a reflection of Rock in Rio festival on 1985, Metal got great amounts of new fans, and they were fanatic for extreme Metal. And on those times, my Metal generation was getting good albums from foreign bands, but also from Brazilian bands. And after a live album called “Live!” (released on 1985), VULCANO, a quintet from the city of Santos (São Paulo) finally came with their first studio album, “Bloody Vengeance”.

Yes, VULCANO’s name was respected in the same level SEPULTURA’s name was. And all were waiting for this album on that year, because they were playing some of “Bloody Vengeance” songs on their shows some months before the album official release.

The album follows the ideology of evolution that their leader, bassist Zhema, had: to evolve musically always, so we can feel on the entire album that Hardcore influence from bands as S.O.D., but as well from bands as SODOM, DESTRUCTION, VENOM, and POSSESSED. It’s not merely a Black Metal album, but a hybrid of Black Metal with some Death Metal and Hardcore influences, but on those times format. Don’t go looking for something of modern sonorities, because you won’t find them.

The sound quality is extremely raw, but remember: it is 1986, and here in Brazil, to record an album and to put it on the stores was a very expensive work. And on those days, to sound so clean was not a thing an extreme Metal band. And of course: this quality fits on the band’s identity.

The album still has its charm and qualities, and songs as the fast and abrasive “Dominions of Death” (very good riffs), the short and extreme “Ready to Explode”, the destructive “Incubus”, “Death Metal” and it very good work on bass and drums, along with some very good guitars, and the slow and bitter “Bloody Vengeance” (the album’s finest moment and most astonishing song, with very good slow tempos, along with a fine interpretation of Angel on vocals).

It’s a very good reissue, and comes in a moment to show to clones: this is the reason that you’ll never reach this kind of sound. It’s not a matter of how to play or about sound quality. It’s about time and soul, that’s all.

4 Star Rating

1. Dominions of Death
2. Spirits of Evil
3. Ready to Explode
4. Holocaust
5. Incubus
6. Death Metal
7. Voices from Hell
8. Bloody Vengeance
Angel “Uruca” - Vocals
Flávio - Rhythm Guitar
Soto Jr. - Lead Guitar
Zhema - Bass
Laudir Piloni - Drums
Record Label: Greyhaze Records


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