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Vulture - Abandoned Haunt Of Cosmic Hate Award winner

Abandoned Haunt Of Cosmic Hate
by [youtube]VEOUsz7Z9bA[/youtube] at 15 February 2016, 6:53 PM

Down in these lands of America, in Brazil, we have a lot of trials on Metal scene. It seems that all the problems turn the scene fertile, full of excellent bands. And one great band from Brazil that I want to introduce to you is VULTURE, from De Itapetininga (in São Paulo), that released their new album "Abandoned Haunt Of Cosmic Hate", in the end of 2015.

Their work is a form of Melodic Death Metal, but the mix between the traditional brutality and aggressiveness of the style with the melodies from traditional Heavy Metal is something different from what we see sometimes. Their work presents a good technique on all instruments, but they use it only in the necessary way, not trying to do more than the needed or above what they can do on live shows. And it is extremely personal, and it's excellent as well.

The brothers Adauto Xavier (guitarist/vocalist) and André Xavier (drummer) did the production of the album, as well as the mixing and mastering. The result is a quality that is thunderous and aggressive, but the clean and with very good instrumental tunes.

They present excellent and perfect songs, all the eleven are perfect, being their best set on an album. And to be honest, "Abandoned Haunt Of Cosmic Hate" is their best album to date, due the balance between all their musical features. Nothing can be put or be taken from the album.

Besides this fact, I dare to name the melodic brutality that "Masters Of Decay" show, with a thunderous exhibition from the guitars (even with some excellent melodies), "Denial Of God" and its fantastic guitars (along with fine vocals and great rhythmic changes), the melodic outburst of aggressiveness that "Até As Últimas Conseqüências" presents (yes, the lyrics are on Brazilian Portuguese. And the song is played on a median tempo, with a very good work from bass and drums), the traditional Death Metal song called "War Over", the bitter and explosive "World Remains" (again with a fine work from the band's rhythmic session), and the perfect balance between melodies and brutality seen on "Soulless" as their finest moments. But don't be lazy and hear the album from its beginning to its very end, and I guarantee you: it won't be wasted time, and you won't regret. Instead of this, I believe that you will thank me.

A perfect album from a band that seems to be on the creative peak. Please, take them to Europe, because Brazil is too small for their music.

5 Star Rating

1. Under The Blade Of Death
2. Amplify Your Sins
3. Masters Of Decay
4. Denial Of God
5. Até As Últimas Conseqüências
6. Omniscient Ignorance
7. War Over
8. World Remains
9. Soulless
10. Despise Your Morality
11. Moderna Escravidão
Adauto Xavier - Guitars, Vocals
Yuri Schumamn - Guitars, Backing Vocals
Max Schumann - Bass, Backing Vocals
André Xavier - Drums
Record Label: Cianeto Discos


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