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Vulture - The End of Agony Award winner

The End of Agony
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 05 November 2020, 6:57 AM

There are moments when people can look to Brazil and think why there aren’t worldly famous names as the others that are already known in Europe, USA and Japan. It’s simple: Brazilian Metalheads don’t care about them enough to buy and spread their works. But names as WARSHIPPER, NERVOCHAOS, DESDOMINUS, KAMALA, NERVOSA, PRIMAL SCREAM, and many others can beat the ones you know easily. And one name that’s wonderful in all aspects is from Itapetininga’s Death Metal Reapers from VULTURE. And on “The End of Agony” they did it again: a great album!

The main core of their music is a form of Death Metal based on Swedish Death Metal School, but filled with great darkened melodies (like those used by DISSECTION on its early works, and they’re inherited from traditional Heavy Metal). It’s the same one that can be heard on the previous works, but on this album, presented with bit more careful set of musical arrangements and a bit more technical as well. It’s aggressive, massive, charming and full of hooks and energy. It’s unique, it can be said. Fernando Roma is the name of the one who made the mixing and mastering of the album. And to bound together all the elements of VULTURE’s music isn’t a simple work on Brazil, but he did a great job, because everything sounds defined and clean (to allow the melodies to be easily understood), but brutal and with the right amount of aggressiveness. It’s a great work, indeed.

All the songs are really fantastic, what makes “The End of Agony” one of the finest releases from Brazilian bands on this year. But for the ones that never heard their work, “Straight to Hell” (a fast and aggressive song that opens the album, but filled with great melodies and with an amazing work on guitars), “Retaliation” (a perfect blend between aggressiveness and melodies, with influences from Hard Rock and Rock ‘n’ Roll on the guitars, but some blast beats and a technical work from bass guitar and drums), “Unholy Grave” (another massive blow of energy, with some Thrash/Death Metal touches in many parts), “Descent Ways” (in some slow parts, some influences from Doom Death Metal in the vein of PARADISE LOST on its early works can be heard on the guitars’ melodies), “Land of the Dead” (speed and melodies coexisting, giving support for a massive blow of guitar riffs, and even some Rock ‘n’ Roll and early Post Punk influences can be heard in some points), “Falsas Ilusões” (another song with clear touches of Doom Death Metal in guitars arrangements on the beginning, and with great snarling vocals), and “Many Tales to Believe” (a climatic song with some melancholic melodies, with contrasts between aggressive and clean parts, and some influences from old IRON MAIDEN that can be detected as well) are the right choices. But the entire album is excellent.

As you read these words, you must be sure that VULTURE is one of the greatest acts in the Brazilian scene. And if “The End of Agony” can get them out there, the Brazilian fans will praise them (the same delay that is called on these lands as the SEPULTURA effect). But listen to them and praise them for yourself.

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 9

5 Star Rating

1. Straight to Hell
2. Human Disease
3. Retaliation
4. Unholy Grave
5. Descent Ways
6. Land of the Dead
7. Falsas Ilusões
8. Conscience of Death
9. Signs of Decadent Days
10. The Butterfly Effect
11. Many Tales to Believe
12. Agonia
Adauto M. Xavier - Vocals, Lead Guitar
Yuri Schumamn - Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals
Max Schumann - Bass, Backing Vocals
André Xavier - Drums
Record Label: Mutilation Records


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