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Vulture - Victim to the Blade

Victim to the Blade
by VR at 26 October 2016, 1:29 PM

From the most populous state of Germany, North Rhine-Westphalia, explodes Speed/Thrash metal band VULTURE. Their debut EP effort “Victim To The Blade” is an ode to the Speed/Thrash Metal culture of the early 80’s. VULTURE comprises of members of various bands like QUINTESSENCE, LUZIFER, HELLHUNT and WIFEBEATER. The band is heavily influenced by early 80’s bands like EXODUS, SLAYER, DARK ANGEL and early JUDAS PRIEST. This influence is very evident in this ripper of an album. So, if you have ever listened and enjoyed any Speed/Thrash Metal band from that era, you know exactly how this album is going to sound. VULTURE plays its music loud, fast and aggressive and do not give an inch of breathing space.

The EP consists of 4 tracks and the first track on the album “Victim to the blade” is a fast paced number that defined that era of music. It certainly got me going nostalgic about the days of yore when we would just listen to the music and headbang! The rhythm is fast, aggressive and also includes falsetto screams. The leads on this track are competent and keep up with the speeding riffs rather nicely. “D.T.D (Delivered to Die)”, the second track begins with a bit of violin-organ melody backed by a solid drumbeat. The main riff kicks the song into gear and sounds formidable with the use of some helpful backing vocals. The lead guitar solo of this song also stands out and compliments the track splendidly. The song is chockablock with fast and furious riffs direction that change almost on will. This track is the definite stand out track of the album. The album closes out with a cover of JUDAS PRIEST’S hit song “Rapid Fire”. Although the band plays the song in break neck speed that I am sure even the Metal Gods will approve.

The band is very active in its native Germany and have played shows all across Europe. VULTURE is a band with extremely competent musicians and there is no doubt about that. Listening to the EP, I could not help but get a wave of nostalgia about the music. The original intent was to release the EP only in cassette form but the enthusiastic record company pushed for a CD as well as a vinyl release. Although the band has put out only 3 original compositions and a cover, it showcases the skills of the musicians very delightfully. Brimming with attitude and Old School Metal sounds, the EP does have great production value to it. I am very certain that their live shows must be a killer! Despite all the best interests of the band, I was left with a feeling that they must bring a new twist to the old traditional Speed Metal genre. The songs are constructed very similarly, revolving around rapid riffs, Old School screeches and soaring guitar solos. As the band begins to grow and mature, experiment with different sounds, I am sure that they will only get better and original.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 6
Memorability: 7
Production: 9

3 Star Rating

1. Vulture
2. D.T.D (Delivered to Die)
3. Victim to the Blade
4. Rapid Fire
L. Steeler - Vocals
M. Outlaw - Guitars
S. Zenozider - Guitars, Drums
A. Axetinctor - Bass
Record Label: High Roller Records


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