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Vultures Vengeance - Where The Time Dwelt In Award winner

Vultures Vengeance
Where The Time Dwelt In
by JOGANEGAR at 17 April 2017, 11:53 AM

This is Heavy Metal at its best, the way the instrumental intro links with the opening riff constructs the ambience necessary for one to be selflessly involved with this EP from beginning to end. Based in Lazio, Italy, after their 2015 Demo, VULTURES VENGEANCE released their first EP last year entitled where the time dwelt in. Founded by Matt Savage along with another two ex-members of NECROMANCER, VULTURES REVENGE display an amazing prowess for Power Metal and everything it stands for, hoping that they will envision many, many albums, and be around for many, many years, this EP is a heartfelt depiction of passion turned into music, I am sorry I could not find further information of the band, since I was only able to find a MySpace link and no official site whatsoever.

It is astonishing how a song like “In a Prisoner’s Tale” almost nine minutes long can truly fly by due to its structure and the tempo changes along with the crushing guitar melodic parts and the drum fills and final solo, exactly timed to keep the frequency and vibration focused towards the same energy, I can only and truly hope, this EP evolves into a full length album along with its respective world tour and thus enabling the band to ensure a more secure future and probably a stronger social media presence. The opening to “Where The Time Stands Still” along with the main guitar riff powerfully reclaimed my attention, and the mystique surrounding this track had me wondering if VULTURES VENGEANCE is well up there with DEEP PURPLE or IRON MAIDEN themselves, and when it came time to the bass bridge that serves as spinal cord to connect the rest of this phenomenal instrumental track I was pretty damn sure about it.

Lena Richter is the author of the amazing artwork that introduces “Where The Time Dwelt In” to the unknowing for the first time, the loneliness of eternity and time facing the loneliness of ever judging the mortal souls of this astral plain to determine their destiny from its icy throne. A great artwork for a great band, I just wish the production had hare the same care as the cover artwork. Perhaps the only complaint I would have as a reviewer is the little clarity in which the performance of the members of VULTURES VENGEANCE can be appreciated in this recording, but once the shredding guitar solos started pounding away together with the drums I could only hope to possess a higher quality audio system to be able to listen more closely to this work, I can only hope to listen to “Where The Time Stands Still” live sometime before I have to meet my maker.

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 6

4 Star Rating

1. End of the Void
2. A Curse from Obsidian Realm
3. And the Wind Still Screams his Name
4. On a Prisoner’s Tale
5. Where the time Stands Still 
Matt Savage- Bass
Kosathral Khel- Drums
Nail- Guitars
Tony T. Steele- Guitars and Vocals
Record Label: Gates Of Hell Records


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