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Vultures Vengeance - The Knightlore

Vultures Vengeance
The Knightlore
by Martin Knap at 29 May 2019, 7:28 PM

VULTURES VENGEANCE is a Melodic Heavy Metal band from Rome, Italy, who’s debuting now with “The Knightlore” after releasing one demo and two EPs in the past. I find their sound really cool and interesting, I’ve seen it compared to MANILA ROAD and CIRITH URGOL, i.e. “trve” Old-School Heavy Metal, and there is some truth to that. But being Italian, VULTURES VENGEANCE are a tad bit more melodic and dramatic, but only by degree. Their music sounds cool and edgy and not at all tacky. You can hear some American Power Metal influences in it as well as NWOBHM influences, particularly JUDAS PRIEST‘s influence is notable here. The songs have driving melodies and big, chest-thumping choruses, lots of guitar shredding and memorable guitar leads.

The album is not overlong (just under 50 minutes), has eight songs on them, their length ranging from four and a half to seven minutes. Most of the songs are energetic with driving verse riffs which sometimes can be more melodic like in the first song “A Great Spark from the Dark,” or more bad-ass and ballsy, like the JUDAS PRIEST-esque verse riff in “Fates Waver,” the chorus hooks are big and catchy but not saccharine and the soaring vocals are nicely complemented by the melodic guitar playing. There is enough variability on the album to keep things interesting, some of the more up-tempo songs like “Pathfinder’s Call” or title song slow down and have a nice, melodious ending. The verse of “Lord of the Key” has a heavy groove and a rather serious tone which stands in a stark contrast with the playful, upbeat chorus. “Eye of the Stranger” is a middle tempo song with a somber, epic sounding chorus.

The songs are really well crafted, there ample space for the guitar shredding, but there is no purposeless wankery. When I started to listen to the album I wasn’t quite sure if the songs wouldn’t better if some fat was trimmed, but as I’ve kept listening to it I’ve started appreciating the flow and development of the songs. The raw energy of the instruments and vocals are a big part of this album’s appeal: the guitar playing is harmonious and playful and the vocalist Tony T. Steele has just the right set of pipes for this style of Heavy Metal, his voice is forceful and he sings with feeling, the drummer and bassist both provide a solid foundation. The production sounds intentionally raw and old-school which adds to the raw power of the music.

This album is easy to like, of course it appeals to a certain taste, but I think anyone who’s into hard & heavy music will enjoy “The Knightlore”. I certainly did.

Songwriting: 8
Memorability: 8
Originality: 7
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. A Great Spark from the Dark
2. Fates Weaver
3. Pathfinder's Call
4. The Knightlore
5. Lord of the Key
6. Dead Men and Blind Fates
7. Eye of a Stranger
8. Chained by the Night

Matt Savage - Bass
Tony T. Steele - Guitars, Vocals
Tony L.A. - Guitars
Matt Serafini – Drums

Record Label: Gates of Hell Records


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