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Vuolla - Blood.Stone.Sun.Down Award winner

by JOGANEGAR at 23 March 2017, 1:20 AM

BLOOD.STONE.SUN.DOWN is the debut album of the Finnish Atmospheric Doom Metal band, VUOLLA, featuring the outstanding work of former TEARDOWN bassist MIKA LAINE who takes the record on his shoulders and provides the musical mood and structural formation in order for the band and the record to become a truly gloomy and bleak journey for new and old fans alike.

Whether you are into Doom Metal or not, this record is an example of how the darkest and less acknowledged sides of life can create scenarios invented metaphysically by the artist’s mind poured with fidelity into the senses of the final listener; In this case the tag of “Doom Metal” may not suffice to what this record causes in the inner self of its audience, providing an environment of melancholy, nostalgia and loneliness reminding us of our finite nature and ephemeral existence.

VUOLLA is a Finnish word meaning whittle or the action of carving or removing the unwanted parts of a structure to acquire the desired shape.

The clean vocals suit the vocal range of Kati Hämäläinen at a magnificent contrast with Kalle Korhonen’s deep growls; From the beginning to the end, utterly accompanied by the intervallic and slow interventions of the band; The energy of this album goes in crescendo like a storm brewing slowly from one latitude to the other, and the progressions of chords and the highly accomplished bass lines are vehicles of sensory motion that can be equaled to the organ used by Frank Boeijen in MANDYLION or the lyrics produced by the Cavanaugh brothers in ANATHEMA’S compositions.

As lonesome as a derelict castaway surviving on permafrost surfaces, the groove up to the four minute mark on “QUIET COLD” The final track on this album is broken by the Lovecraftian figures emerging from eons of slumber to deliver chaos on the feeble race of un expecting mortals and the final frequencies on the end of the record turn out to be an auditory and sensorial journey along with all the previous experience.

This album sets a standard for the quality of VUOLLA’S future work, whereas Doom Atmospheric metal can remain as a shelter for the least favorite part of our emotions or not, the musical prowess usually depicted by bands dedicated to this genre will remain as something to be acknowledged, since feeling has and always will be more important than technicality and the ability to play many notes which ultimately cause no lasting effect on the listener.

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 8
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

4 Star Rating

1. Death Incredible
2. Emperor
3. Chambers To Fill With Longing
4. Rain Garden
5. Shadow Layer
6. Rivers In Me
7. Film
8. Quiet Cold
Kati Hämäläinen – Vocals, Keyboards
Kalle Korhonen – Guitars
Ilari Kallinen – guitars
Mika Laine – bass
Timo Ruunaniemi – drums
Record Label: Schwarzdorn Productions


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