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Vyre - The Initial Frontier Pt. 1 Award winner

The Initial Frontier Pt. 1
by Bex "Hardcore" Tasker at 03 December 2013, 12:27 AM

VYRE are a Metal band with a spacey theme. The German band hail from Bielefeld, and produce Black Metal combined with symphonic elements by guest musicians, including effects by Atom Phantom, classical orchestration and choir mastered by Martin Wiese, and cello by Nostarion. VYRE formed in 2011, and their album “The Initial Frontier Pt. 1” was released on the 29th of November, said to be “blasting off” from “spaceport Supreme Chaos Records”. Although it contains a mere 6 tracks, the entirety of them (aside from the introductory track) are over 8 minutes long. Part 2 of “The Initial Frontier” is said to be released in 2014, but in the meantime, let Part 1 be your soundtrack as you venture into the great unknown.

The opening track, cleverly named “Small Bang Theory”, is just 41 seconds in length and consists solely of the sound of a spacecraft, or something of that nature. Track number two, “The Initial Frontier”, showcases the group’s musical attributes, consisting of perfectly executed Black Metal vocals by KG Cipher, the talented guitar work of Hendrykk and Zyan, T. Maximilian’s epic bass and Android’s impressive drumming. There is also an abundance of symphonic effects, which really add to the quality of the album. Next up we enter a state of “Fragile Equilibrium”, which again highlights the Black Metal qualities of the music. The guitars further illustrate their distortion, whilst also introducing some solo work. There is also a piano solo to accompany the work of the guitars, creating a beautiful combination of heavy and soulful.

The second half of the album follows a similar path to the first, yet this time is kicked off with a mammoth track, 11 minutes and 14 seconds in length, and is less symphonic. “Coil of Pipes” begins with some melodic guitar, combined with eerie high-pitched effects. Before long, the guitar becomes distorted, and the drums come in to join the fun. After a minute or so the speed picks up immensely, with double kick and speedy riffs. This return to heavy is accompanied with Cypher’s ominous vocals, and some symphonic effects. Track number 5 begins with a spoken voice, accompanied by crackling effects. However, it doesn’t take long for the Metal instruments to make themselves heard in “Digital Dreams”. The guitars are a definite highlight of the track, and the lyrics are also pretty cool; I’d recommend giving them an attentive listen. The final track on “The Final Frontier” is the second longest, just under 10 minutes, and is a great way to end the album.  The vocals are dark, the drums, bass and guitars heavy, and the subtle sounds in the background add to the out-of-this-world experience. 

4 Star Rating

1. Small Bang Theory
2. The Initial Frontier
3. Fragile Equilibrium
4. Coil of Pipes
5. Digital Dreams
6. Miasma
KG Cypher - Vocals
Hedrykk - Lead/Rhythm Guitars
Zyan - Rhythm Guitars
T. Maximilian - Bass
Android - Drums
Doc - Synth

Atom Phantom - Effects
Nostarion (Dämmerfarben) - Cello
Martin Wiese (Enid) - Classical Orchestration and Choir
Record Label: Supreme Chaos Records


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