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Waingro – III

by Dave Nowels at 21 August 2019, 3:53 PM

Sweet Jesus….right off the bat you get a good idea of where this one's going. Heavy, heavy music here, bordering on Hardcore/Metalcore, but more truthfully an extremely powerful, roots based Stoner band with a bit of a modern punkish twist. 12 songs at 41 minutes, maximum volume and antagonistic as fuck. This album is the epitome of zero fucks given. The three piece band from Vancouver, British Columbia takes their band name from Michael Mann's 1995  thriller movie, “Heat” in which WAINGRO was a character. An impulsive murderer at that. Basically a modern metal power trio in a QOTSA vibe. This band would have no issues conjuring a manic mosh pit.

The band is comprised of Brian Sepanzyk's crushing vocals and deceptively intricate guitar work.  Benjie Nesdoly adds bombastic drums and Nate Pennell's bass thunders and rumbles. There's elements of Desert Rock at play here to, and all genres combined in this presentation is pretty intriguing. Highlights for me centered around “Marked Cross”, “Monaco” and “Green Water Manifesto”. I also found the short instrumental “Pacino” quite intriguing. Matching the power of the music to get the most effectiveness, the majority of the songs only hit about 3 ½ minutes, with the closing pair “Green Water Manifesto” and “Cardinal” both stretching out some jams to achieve nearly 5 minutes each.

In truth, this one was a bit out of my wheelhouse, but with that said, after multiple run throughs I found myself really enjoying it. This is a band that would be an absolute monster in a live setting feeding off an audiences energy. Yet, WAINGRO has achieved a difficult task here with “III”. They've managed to capture the feel of a live show in this recording. There's a distinct Hardcore power to these songs, backed by intricate subtleties of Desert/Stoner rock. Together, with the cohesiveness of the band this creates a unique sound and vibe. Well done.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 8


4 Star Rating

1. New Colony
2. Red Death
3. Bay Area Cult
4. Third Veil
5. Merrin
6. Marked Cross
7. Dead Calm
8. The Upward Turn
9. Pacino
10. Monaco
11. Greenwater Manifesto
12. Cardinal
Brian Sepanzyk – Vocals, Guitar
Benjie Nesdoly - Drums
Nate Pennell - Bass
Record Label: Sludgelord Records


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