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Wald Krypta – Where None Remain

Wald Krypta
Where None Remain
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 05 November 2019, 6:03 AM

WALD KRYPTA is a Black Metal band based out of the USA. Formed in 2016, the band released their debut album “Nature Enigma” in 2018. One year later, comes their sophomore effort titled “Where None Remain.” The album contains seven tracks. “As Silence Falls” opens the album, with a traditional Black Metal sound…a wall of guitars, blast beat drums, muffled production and anguished vocals. The intensity is real and does not let up. “Mutilating the Sacred Light” opens slowly and with a little less chaos. The slow grind is the sound of your soul leaving your body and headed for darker places. There are longer periods of time between the vocals here as well.

“The Moral Anguish” is mid-tempo song with a harrowing sound. The guitars build thick layers and the vocals echo off mountainsides in Hell. The sound drops at the half-way mark and then continues a frightening slow grind from there. “Echoes in Dark Emptiness” opens with a faster pace and more cymbal crashes than you can count. They really don’t deviate much from the traditional sounds of the genre. Purists will like this, but I always demand a little bit more from the vastly expansive genre these days. “Sequestered in Black Meditation” has a similar sound and pacing. The vocals are a little more earnest here and the guitars develop somewhat of a pattern.

“Stolen to a Morbid Realm” opens with a furious riff and blast beat drumming. The Black Metal vocals are indistinguishable, though I’m sure he is speaking of evil things. “Between Soil and Sky” closes the album, and adds nothing new to the picture. More raging screams, and a mid-section that is blurry as my vision without my glasses. It’s 2019. The last thing we need in Metal is another Black metal band trying to keep the “True Kvlt” alive. The genre has expanded in many different and interesting directions as of the last decade. Why keep going like it’s the First Wave of Black Metal?

Songwriting: 2
Musicianship: 5
Memorability: 1
Production: 4


1 Star Rating

1. As Silence Falls
2. Mutilating the Sacred Light
3. The Mortal Anguish
4. Echoes in Dark Emptiness
5. Sequestered in Black Meditation
6. Stolen to a Morbid Realm
7. Between Soil and Sky
Heresiarch – Drums, Vocals
Einsam – Guitars, Lyrics
Record Label: Eternal Death Records


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