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Wald Krypta – Possessed By Nothingness

Wald Krypta
Possessed By Nothingness
by Ben Gardiner at 07 September 2021, 12:40 PM

North American Black Metal boasting the rawest, harshest of sounds. Drawing lots of inspiration from the influential, patience-testing French Black Metal sound. Foregoing decades and decades of masterfully developed production technology, "Possessed by Nothingness" pushes the extremities of Rawness with waves of sharp sounding Tremolo guitar riffs and bashing, murky drums. The lo-fi sound and high-key aggression are accompanied with plenty of melody and sections that delve into a more stripped back, solemn vibe, making the overarching aggression feel even more aggressive as it consumes the sound again.

In its uncompromised pursuit of channelling the second wave Black Metal sound, “Wind’s Anger” opens with very fast tremolo guitar picking and high-octane blast beats from the drums. This song feels more muted than the other tracks, as if the band is testing the listener, get through this and you can enjoy marginally better production, if not, your loss. The vocals, high pitched and harsh, blend with the music to create a hugely aggressive but also highly Lo-fi intro track. The title track borders on a solemn, sombre journey of emotion, were it not for the harshness of the cymbals and Heresiarch’s vocals, which retain the bands signature aggression. This song has great guitar work, from up beat solo sections and brutal tremolo which perfectly accompanies the blasting drums.

Aglare of Burning Winds” and “Ruined Sanctuary” are as relentless as they are harsh, both sporting unrelenting blast beats and a myriad of riffs and tremolo playing. This is an album doesn’t like to let up, each track always pushing to be faster, harsher, more grinding than the one that came before it. The final track “Corrupted in Eternal” is a surprising three minute, very traditional sounding blueprint for a raw BM song. As opposed to an album finale it feels more like a filler song in an early BATHORY release, a deflated ending to an otherwise devastatingly harsh album.

"Possessed by Nothingness" is no easy listen for the uninitiated, but for when you are feeling the aggression, and you want your thoughts muddied by waves of incoherent blasting, screaming and wailing guitar, then this album is great. A true call back to the guttural lo-fi nature of trad second wave bands, WALD KRYPTA are a shining beacon for the raw, harsh Black Metal fans.

Songwriting:  7
Musicianship:  6
Memorability:  6
Production:  7

3 Star Rating

1. Wind's Anger
2. Possessed by Nothingness
3. Drowned Into the Last Realm
4. Aglare of Burning Winds
5. Beneath a Dying Sun
6. Ruined Sanctuary
7. Corrupted in Eternal
Heresiarch - Drums, Vocals
Einsam - Guitars, Bass
Record Label: Eternal Death


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