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Waldgefluster - Mondscheinsonaten

by Crisstopher Robyn at 05 March 2019, 2:01 PM

In 2006, WALDGEFLUSTER( which means forest whispering), formed in Germany. WALDGEFLUSTER show an individual mix of music. The Black Metal band is infused with a variety of surprises.  With 6 releases from 2006, the band have consistently put out music. We will listen in to see if the group can carry on.

The 3 minute, "Einleitung," introduction into the album has you walking through a haunted forest, just in the morning where the fog kisses the ground. Ghostly voices are whispering into your ear, just to keep your nerves serene, but you cannot shake the feelings of someone peeking around a tree. It is a beautiful acoustic showing of talent from the band. "Der Steppenwolf" continues the trek through the woods and out into a meadow. The guitars place the music on Cloud 9. The doubles and triplets weld it all together into such a beautiful  song. Sadly it's the vocals that truly do me in. There is some spoken word that I feel should be separated or lower in the background. The singing does give a vibe of DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN, but it's just not as good. I am sure someone can say whoever, but this is what I hear. I think it just needs to be turned up a notch.  "Gipfelstürme" involves a jaw harp. My first thought…ummm…this doesn’t belong here and it doesn't. It is annoying enough that you continue to hear it throughout the song. Even as the band thrashes through the song, it seems to echo in your ears. The vocals still seem an afterthought here as well. Winterherz's vocals do not remind me of ghosts of past or even a whispering forest. The music writing still shines for the entire 12 and half minutes. There is a highlight of some clean vocals but they become hidden or overshadowed  by just the general tone of the song or just poor production.

"Und der Wind" reminds me of some 60’s SyFy thriller, but as the mood changes so does the music. The song becomes a complete mess. The vocals even when soft cannot be heard. The thing is 10 and a half minutes, and I could only endure 2 and half. "Von Winterwäldern und Mondscheinsonaten" gives off a very Led Zeppelin intro. Could this track be better? Nope, it’s just another 10 minute catastrophe. One minute later and I just can not seem to bother with the track. I am beginning to wonder if anything can sound like the start of the album. "Staub in der Lunge" has some redeeming qualities. The vocals are nature in tongue, which is a nice change from everything else. It sort of reminds me of a LYNYRD SKYNYRD song the Van Zant brothers would sing by a campfire. Then all of the sudden, a need to see how fast you can strum the guitar strings, overcomes what could have been. "Der Steppenwolf" comes off a lot better as a acoustic song. It is a beautiful arrangement, but even the band seems to get tired of playing it by the end of the 8 minute trek. The native tongue is still intact and pushing in the other direction, just as it has in every other song. Even with the beautifully written music holding on with every bit of strength cannot  even salvage the disaster in the middle of this album.

WALDGEFLUSTER, (which i totally hate capitalized), could be a really good band if they could just go in the same direction. The core of the talent, the musicians, have some serious writing skills, but they also need to slow down and find what really harmonizes with their singer. The singer is rarely heard clearly, whether that be fear or bad production. Vocals have always added another aspect to music for me and without hearing them I cannot just feel an album like it should be felt. If they are to make it in such a tight business, where everyone is looking for the next  Corey Taylor or Jonathon Davis, the album falls far. If they can not make some changes, this may be the last album  we see from them.

Songwriting: 7
Originality:    6
Memorability: 5
Production:   5

2 Star Rating

1. Einleitung
2. Der Steppenwolf
3. Gipfelstürme
4. Rotgoldene Novemberwälder
5. Und der Wind..
6. Von Winterwäldern und Mondscheinsonaten
7. Staub in der Lunge

Winterherz: Vocals
Domi: Guitars
Markus: Guitars
Arvagr: Bass
Tom: Drums

Record Label: Independent


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