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War After War - No Change

War After War
No Change
by John Foley at 06 July 2020, 1:10 AM

WAR AFTER WAR are a new band that are set to take the U.K scene by storm. The band are made up from Jason Hope and Ben Corkhill from the band Bong Cauldron and Lewis Atkinson  from the band Nomad. They have been together since the start of 2020 and "No Change" is their first release which came out June 2020. The first song is "Burned." Right from the start you get a real punk vibe and feel with the guitars. Also present is a bit of a thrash metal vibe reminiscent of SLAYER. Very strong opener.

Then we get You Against You and to me has a bit of an ANTHRAX vibe to it but with lots of punk elements thrown it as well. You get those killer guitar riffs and some real head banging moments which you can easily picture coming from a live audience. The title track "No Change" and right off the bat has some real pure punk vibes. You can really hear this this song will totally open the pits and any show with its groove based breakdown section. "Some Mistakes" opens with some killer drumming from Jason Hope and is filled with some very catchy riffing from Lewis Atkinson and ends on one hell of a heavy breakdown to finish the song out.

"Presence of Mind" musically has a really easy flow to it. The band, WAR AFTER WAR, really sound on top form here with a solid rhythm section at work here. Truly a great song. "No Change" closes with the song "Ignorance." Once again we are shown those SLAYER/ANTHRAX vibes during the verse but again mixed with those punk elements that seems to be a signature form them. Towards the end of the song you get what sounds like a killer jam session from the band.

WAR AFTER WAR'S "No Change" has those real gravelly vocals coming from Ben Corkhill and has some vibes from some old school thrash metal bands. At times can picture an influence from SUICIDAL TENDENCIES. You can really feel this bands energy throughout the E.P. The songs are quite short but straight to the point with their killer riffing. This is a band that doesn’t fuck around.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 8

3 Star Rating

1. Burned
2. You Against You
3. No Change
4. Some Mistakes
5. Presence of Mind
6. Ignorance
Jason Hope – Drums
Ben Corkhill – Bass and Vocals
Lewis Atkinson – Guitar
Record Label: APF Records


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Edited 14 August 2020

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