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War Cloud - State Of Shock Award winner

War Cloud
State Of Shock
by Cullen Baldridge at 05 October 2019, 10:04 PM

WAR CLOUD is a band out of Oakland California, they were established in 2014, "State Of Shock" is the second album released by these Heavy Metal personified guys.

"Striker" has to be an IRON MAIDEN, METALLICA influenced beast of a song, starts with tornado sirens just before the tornado known as WAR CLOUD smacks you upside the head with a deadly assault of guitars with the back end pushing the chaos, "White Lightning" starts of fast paced again, rolling over what or whoever happens to be in the path of destruction, Joaquin Ridgell is a beast behind the kit, leading a full-fledged attack, with the guitars and bass charging forward.

"Dangerous Game" is the longest song on the album, ringing in at six minutes and three seconds, could say it's a little slower than the previous songs but not weak at all, it has its moments of power, Allice Cooper Comes to mind on the softer parts of the song, not heavy but still Metal, than they come in and sucker punch you here and there with the harder side of the song. "Tomahawk" is a crushing instrumental with brutal guitars and bass, with the drums not being left behind, Joaquin has his war paint on, clearing a path. "Seeing Red" has a little drummer boy intro with a blues riff and progresses to more of a Metal variance with a little Punk attitude, it's about being passed off and not being able to turn back even if you wanted too,

"Doing Anything" reminds me of an old school Rock song with a touch of love within it, it's heavy musically but soft on the vocal side, thinking it is the softest song on the album, at least so far it has been, it's still a pretty good song though. "Means Of Your Defeat" picks the pace back up with strong vocals and heavy guitars, nor does the back end back down from the challenge, "State Of Shock" is last but not least and the title song wrapped into one, the song has some crunchy Punk to it, it's fast and raw yet not too raw, It might not be my choice for the title song but it's a good song nevertheless.

"State Of Shock" was not what I was expecting at all, after reading the band's bio and other stuff, I wasn't expecting what I consider to be an old school Thrash album touched with some Punk elements, I. was. an interesting album to check out.

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Striker
2. White Lightning
3. Dangerous Game
4. Tomahawk
5. Seeing Red
6. Doing Anything
7. Means Of Your Defeat
8. State Of Shock
Alex Wwin - Vocals, Guitar
Nick Burks - Guitar
Joaquin Ridgell - Drums
Taylor Roach - Bass
Record Label: Ripple Music


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