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War Curse – Eradication

War Curse
by V. Srikar at 15 May 2019, 10:24 PM

The album starts with “Asylum”, with the usual suspected war themed lyrics being screamed around by the vocalist Blaine Gordon. The sound is your seasoned Bay Area Thrash sound, inspired and influenced by the likes of SLAYER and OVERKILL. The production sounds polished and the sound is just about old-school and clear, and doesn’t have any chaotic mayhem that is often seen with even the most traditional bands off late. The solos are too short and not very impressive, but doesn’t ruin the song for me. “Sands of Fate” is a much more rhythmic song and has a real good potential live anthemic feel to it. The riffs aren’t the most innovative, but does get you into the groove, and is sure to get your head banging wherever you are listening to it. And the solos, albeit short, are impressive here.

“Possession” is a much faster song, running like a train at breakneck speed without breaks, but it does feel like there is lack of variation of rhythm and style, unlike what you find in bands like ACCEPT and SLAYER.  The very anthemic “Serpent” has some really cool juicy riffs and solos reminiscent of bands like ARTILLERY and CORONER, while maintaining what’s unique about WAR CURSE itself. “Iron Veil” is a much disappointing song due to its very bland and generic vocals and riffs at the same time, nothing strong or inspiring here on offer for the most part, although the song does get to the band’s usual fast paced song structure similar to the earlier songs here, but not good enough to save the song. And even the solos are weak, to be honest.

The title track “Eradication” seems like another long rant at humanity for fucking up everything and putting us back in times with mankind’s behaviour and may be, dare I say, mankind’s politics too, perfectly encapsulating the theme of the album in a nutshell. “Deadly Silence” sounds more like a long plea for humanity to fix its shit before the slide is irreversible. It’s got some cool riffs and solos, and is fun to air guitar around. The album ends with the longest song on offer in “Polluted Minds”, which again sounds rather generic with respect to this album of what we have listened to so far. The lyrics however continue to kick some serious ass, and there is an attempt to throw some cool solos too, which does salvage an otherwise rather generic song in this album.

With 8 songs and clocking just over 43 min, “Eradication” is a rather generic Thrash album, even for its sound, but where it does make you take notice is its relentless traditional Thrash riffs and solos, and some really cool lyrics, which are all nothing new to fans of the music, but are still interesting to listen to from a new band’s perspective, and WAR CURSE do a fairly good job at churning out their anti-war themed album.

Production: 9
Songwriting: 8
Originality: 6
Memorability: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Asylum
2. Sands of Fate
3. Possession
4. Serpent
5. Iron Veil
6. Eradication
7. Deadly Silence
8. Polluted Minds
James Goetz - Drums
Joshua Murphy - Guitars
Justin Roth - Guitars
Jason Viebrooks -  Bass
Blaine Gordon - Vocals
Record Label: Svart Records


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