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War-Head - Monuments of Fallacy Award winner

Monuments of Fallacy
by James Brizuela at 23 January 2020, 6:26 AM

WAR-HEAD is a thrash and death metal band. They formed in Croatia in 2002 and refer to themselves as playing Deaththrash for Armageddon Millenium (a combination of old school thrash and death metal). Shortly after their forming, WAR-HEAD released two demos, one in 2003 and 2004. Their first full-length album would come in 2008, “No Signs of Armageddon”. Now WAR-HEAD returns to smash heads with their newest release, “Monuments of Fallacy”.

WAR-HEAD has an incredibly crunchy sound. Sonically, they have all the makings of the best parts of death metal and thrash metal mixed as one. I’m always a fan of when bands add that extra atmospheric element to their music as well. The opening track, “Overture for Hell’s Orchestra”, gives off that eerie vibe while setting you up for the vicious thrash journey you are about to embark on. The second track, “Creatures from the Depth”, gives you the first attack of death metal power. This track premiers that initial old school death metal sound that WAR-HEAD has to offer, while bringing in elements of thrash. The drum cadence and fast guitar riffing simultaneously pummels you in the brain. There is an incredibly tech-death sounding guitar solo thrown into to seal their musical prowess. Their military-like drum cadences and marching sound effects also offering that extra layer of atmospheric depth.

There seems to be an almost unpredictability with the sound of WAR-HEAD. You are given this vicious sounding death metal that will lead into the sped-up melody style of thrash, but while that is sinking you get hit with some melodious evil, like in “My Scars will Speak”. As if the musicianship wasn’t already stellar, you get hit with even more surprises. “Apocalyptic Thunder” brings in the most melodic sound of the album. The powerful slowed down melody is enhanced by the wailing guitar solos and tempo changes. I’m finding more and more that WAR-HEAD are not your “one trick pony” type of death metal band. They pull out all the stops in “Monuments of Fallacy”. While the opening returns to the melodic sound, the middle brings in the vicious unrelenting thrash sound, then simultaneously returning to the melodic nature of the beginning of the track.

That is what is so impressive about WAR-HEAD’s sound, you get these numerous tempo changes, but nothing is out of place. It is all perfectly done. The final track I want to talk about is the ending cap of the entire album, “Deaththrash Armageddon”. The melodic guitar solo opens the track whilst leading into a vicious thrash attack. The screaming vocals and gutter growls come into the fray and bring the boom. What is great about this track is WAR-HEAD got a lot of their friends together to scream on this track. That is an incredibly great thing to do for any fan of music. Not to mention this album features some of the best musicians in metal. Max Mayhem of EVIL INVADERS, and Andy Gutjahr of TANKARD, to name a couple.

Monuments of Fallacy” is sonically tight, with impressive musicianship, and a completely vicious sound. The entirety of the album pummels you with its death metal sound. With thrash and melodic undertones, this album rips all the way through. If you have never heard WAR-HEAD, the time is now!

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Overture for Hell’s Orchestra
2. Creatures from the Depth
3. My Scars will Speak
4. Apocalyptic Thunder
5. Monuments of Fallacy
6. Kings and Pawns
7. Hail to the Void
8. Terror, War, Fear
9. Detonation
10. Deaththrash Armageddon
Dario Turčan – Vocals, Bass
Vladimir Sužnjević – Guitars
Eldar “Piper” Ibrahimovic – Drums
Record Label: Inferno Records


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