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Wardenclyffe - Control All Delete

Control All Delete
by Branislav Stanojevic at 12 February 2015, 9:18 PM

WARDENCLYFFE honors you from the land of everlasting metal sound, Sweden. Placed in Norrköping, a city in the province of Östergötland in eastern Sweden, their Doom Metal banner were raised back in 2011 by Jacob Nordangård ( previously known from his deeds in CAPTOR and THE DOOMSDAY CULT ), Ola Blomkvist – an ex member of GRIFEGARD and THE DOOMSDAY CULT, and  Micael Zetterberg  (also took parts in TERRORAMA and SPETALSK).

As long as I am concerned, Metal as a musical genre, is all about the message and the emotion artists tend to deliver, and no, I am not saying that all the metal and some also called “metal” bands are transmitting that, it's my call to judge what the world think, I'll try to stay humble and objective with a little bit of personal touch. A band from Sweden that I am listening to right now is all about that, this Death|Doom metallers are making a huge gap inside of myself.

Their first-ever full-length elaborate is wild, yet passionate, a raw aggression, but still witfully dosed with ideas and personal paths. It's a Doom, a Doomy atmosphere, spooky and mournful 40 minutes of joy. I may sound a bit confused, but all the concept of Doom Metal is about that; a slowly monotonic urge to narrate yourself, isn't it? "Control All Delete" probably will endure pressing your wit and soul, finally leaving you all keen up and fulfilled with inner peace. The whole thing is alike to an Autumn wind, you know that cold breeze of upcoming grayness and solitude, yet it cleansings all the leaf and drains it into marvelous combo of colors. It drives you, your feelings up and down, then back and forth, in circles, and you start to wonder all the happenings of yesterdays and ones of today.

Talking about the songs, it's simple; lyrically generated into everyday issues, all the bad in the world, greed, power and struggle against the same. This album you may find boring; let's face it, it is a Doom (and don't judge it, if you're not a buyer), but with addition of Death Metal, its growls, they have tried and succeed in occupying me and my senses onto their performance. Fairly saying, I was entertained and enjoyed in these 40 minutes, but I must say that there's a lack of action, still it's my job to tell how I've seen your album. The slow tempo have made me to focus on fanatic vocals and the interpretation, a melancholically fusion by Jacob. Still, as much as I love this kind of metal, and all the genres and sub-genres I wouldn't listen to this album every day on a loop. Great stuff, great skills and most importantly, great idea. Maybe you only could try to be a bit more, let's call it ''unique''.

4 Star Rating

1. The World Sensorium (Pt1)
2. Orcadian Dream
3. Neverknowing
4. Merchants of Doom
5. Macroshift
6. A Journey Through The Major Arcana
7. Externalization Of The Hierarchy
Jacob Nordangård - Vocals, Guitar
Ola Blomkvist - Guitar
Robert Karlsson - Lead Guitar
Micael Zetterberg - Drums
Emil Åström - Bass
Record Label: Van Records


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