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Warfist - Teufels

by Andrew Harvey at 24 May 2022, 7:37 AM

We don’t often get a mixture of black metal and thrash metal but this time we are certainly not let down as I take a closer look at WARFIST. They are from Poland as they started with a slightly different lineup which included WITCHFUKER who was there at the beginning of the band’s formation in 2005-6 but there were also two more members who were in the lineup. These two members were WRATH and M. DE SADE however as it stands now at this present time, the two key members of the band are vocalist/guitarist MIHU and drummer PAVULON. Since the band’s formation in 2004, they have been active but they waited patiently until they had the right ideas for an album by releasing several EP’s and split albums too.

This began with two demos in 2005-6 then this was closely followed by their EP titled HELLTYRANT RISING IN 2008. Four split albums also came in the years after in 2008 - 2010, then the timing was certainly appropriate for the band to release what was their debut album THE DEVIL LIVES IN GRÜNBERG. Then in 2016 came their second album which was titled METAL TO THE BONE claiming more success and high praise as they did another split album in 2018. In 2019 was the year of their third album GRÜNBERG which also did very well but now they are here once more with a fourth album after a four year gap which is titled TEUFELS.

The new album released through God Ov War Productions opens with the introductory track of “Tunes Of Black Contagion” consists of quick cymbal hits with accented guitar hooks. Fast and pulsating drums follow a thrash metal rampage as the guitar tone mirrors a black metal approach. The timing does change eventually with a marching drum pattern before all instruments come back together. A solo passage leads into the next track “Behind The Walls Of Keough” as rapid drumming makes way for furious vocals to growl. The wild guitar playing is very dominant with high pitch screams as we can hear bells being struck in the background.

In this track, guitar is eccentric as drums provide the backbone of the combined thrash and black metal sound. “Rite Of The Incubus” strikes immediately with harsh or sparse drumming, guitar slides and unusual sound effects, possibly guitar strings being plucked near the top of the guitar neck. A slow crescendo on drums as vocals whisper before mayhem comes with full band unison. “Scorching Trauma” as cymbal hits lead into a pure black metal implosion set by drums or vocals.

The mid range guitar riffs run riot through section by section. On to the next track which is “Meadow Of Bizarre” as drums play a more direct approach. Guitar builds up to a climax as it plays solo riffs/hooks. A rampage of thrash metal is ongoing as vocals also contribute to making the track as noisy as ever as before. “Tuol Sleng” has that thick beefy sound as bass guitar and electric guitar gives the tone of the track. The track is followed by “Pacifistic Carnage” with vocal echoes and drums get as creative as possible. There is not much else we can say about this track as it shares similar musical characteristics from before.

“Angel Maker” is next up with a huge projection of drums and guitar swung into action to trigger vocals into life. Vocals are very much on the black metal path where they accent certain notes or lyrics. “Sinful Bonds Of Blood” which is a 4 minute continuity of galloping drums as guitar lead vocals into the track. Guitar simply consists of drums in creating the right balance for all instrumentation to play at. “Fire” is the finale of this album but also is a cover of ARTHUR BROWN’S original arrangement as WARFIST embark on a thrash/black metal cover. Even the drums excel themselves.

Overall this album with the crossover of black and thrash metal is certainly exciting to hear. However as black metal goes it can get a bit too monotonous as guitar plays but drums do well to create some diverse patterns. I would like to hear more of the thrash elements as I find there is maybe more focus on the black metal side. Vocals are very much the center of this album and for a first album, this is  good effort and contributions from each instrument, they have done well.

Songwriting: 6
Musicianship: 6
Memorability: 7
Production: 6

3 Star Rating

1. Tunes OF Black Contagion
2. Behind The Walls of Keough
3. Rite Of The Incubus
4. Scorching Trauma
5. Meadow Of Bizzare
6. Tuol Sleng
7. Pacifistic Carnage
8. Angel Maker
9. Sinful Bonds Of Blood
10. Fire (Arthur Brown Cover)
MichaƗ “Mihu” Cierniak - Vocals, Guitar
Nechrist - Bass, Backing Vocals (Guest)
Pawet “Pavulon” - Drums
Record Label: Godz Ov War Productions


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