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Warmblood - God Of Zombies Award winner

God Of Zombies
by V. Srikar at 23 November 2014, 12:53 AM

Being a zombie horror movies fan, I couldn’t help but get attracted to this album just because of its name “God Of Zombies”. Welcome to the 3rd full length album by Italian Death Metallers WARMBLOOD. I can’t help but feel excited by the gore album cover art here, it sets the right tone for the album to come by.

Unlike most recent albums, surprisingly the band gets their intro “Intro (Zombie Genesi)” right and interesting with a haunting sound with that piano and harmonic sound, building the pace and tempo for the rest of the album and they do it for 2 minutes unlike most other bands who stop at just around 1 minute. “Post-Mortem Transfiguration” starts of the real mayhem with fast paced riffs and the growling vocals of Giancarlo Capra. It’s the typical growling nasty Death metal vocals that any Death Metal freak can relate to. The drums are very rhythmic and follow the guitars mostly as is usually the case in most Death Metal albums and you just don’t feel the lack of bass in the record at all. Talking about drums, it’s a female drummer here - Elena Carnevali, how cool is that! This is the kind of music that can easily get you into the headbanging mode in seconds.

“Contagium Escalation” goes along similar sound, but has some insanely amazing riffs – both technical and catchy. This is the kind of musicianship that makes me –listener, proud to be a metalhead. The next few songs continue with same riffage and mayhem. Both “Unfaithful Celebrant” and “God Of Zombies” brings in some brutal synthetic riffs and fast paced drumming. “Replaced By Death” brings in some weird guitar. The band does an excellent job in bringing in variety in “Culmination Of Final Transformation” as the song starts off with slow sharp riffs before turning into a song full of headbangable riffs.
“Zombinferno” is one of the better song on the album as its starts with an intro with some chick screaming to survive from zombies (that’s what I assume from all the screaming), before turning into another great song. Surprisingly the band ends the album with an outro style song “Ite Missa Est” of just 1:46 min, with just a bit of piano work going on and not really worth the time. I just wish they had finished off with a longer heavy song than trying something too different.

Reminding me of TERRORIZER lyrically, all in all, everything about this album is what will excite the Death Metal fan in you – gore lyrics, fast paced shredding and blast beats, heavy bass, growling vocals, ah feels like home. PUNISHMENT 18 RECORDS – is one of the few record labels today signing the some really good Thrash and Death bands, and they got this one right again. So dig this beast!

4 Star Rating

1. Intro (Zombie Genesi)
2. Post-Mortem Transfiguration
3. Contagium Escalation
4. Eucharist Dead Flesh
5. Unfaithful Celebrant
6. God Of Zombies
7. Replaced By Death
8. Culmination Of Final Transformation
9. Zombinferno
10. Ite Missa Est
Elena Carnevali – Drums
Giancarlo Capra – Guitars, Vocals
Davide Mazzoletti - Guitars
Record Label: The Spew Records


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