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Warpath - Filthy Bastard Culture

Filthy Bastard Culture
by Craig Rider at 29 December 2018, 12:03 AM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: WARPATH; signed via Massacre Records, hailing from the glory of Germany - performing Thrash Metal, on their 6th album entitled: “Filthy Bastard Culture” (released November 23rd, 2018).

Since formation in 1991; the quartet in question have a Single, and 6 albums in their discography so far; I am introduced to their 6th album: “Filthy Bastard Culture”. 14 tracks ranging at around 01:02:15; WARPATH arrange an intricately designed formula of heavy-hitting Thrash Metal developments. The apocalyptic introduction: “The World Beyond” begins the record; until the boistrously bouncy “Unbroken Soul” conveys deadly combustion, furiously hardened hymns and harmonic haste with catchy grooves amalgamated with battering rampages of concrete grit and explosive energy. The band distinctively construct a grandiose manifestation of meticulous melodies; stampeding onslaughts, relentlessly stomping rhythms while converged with creative chaos and galloping mayhem that will make anyone break chairs over other chairs.

Consisting of Dirk “Dicker” Weiss on vocals; the frontman demonstrates cleanly complex pipes of raw and profusely robust ramifications, songs like “Back To Zero” distribute vehement versatility while ultilizing dynamic diligence - as the vocalist injects an infectiously composed aesthetic to that of the legendary Lemmy Kilmeister (Rest In Peace) in his own fluent way. The titular track thunders with organic substances of riveting tempos from dextrous guitarist Flint Razorhead; establishing blistering bombardments of progressively technical solidity, “Believe In Me” flamboyantly fabricates diversely forged finesse – fluidly polished sound production persistency, and hammering pummelling from drumming pounder Norman Rieck. WARPATH embellish on primitively malicious savagery, of the good kind.

Into The Dark” captivates with engaging elements of inventively dominant implementations; prodegiously providing razor-sharp nimbleness, thumpy jumps of splendid noise and amplified attributes of audibly crunchy bass contributions from Sören Meyer. “Killing Fields” executes with more vicious variety, adrenaline-fuelled frolicking in which triumphantly showcases stimulating and salubrious stability. The instrumentation is intensely profressional, as the musicianship is monstrously meaty and mighty. “Below The Surface” has a borderline foundation of firepower, efficacious hooks & a grandure systematic of sonic speed that thrashes with power and elegantly enlightening conceptual innovations – advanced with aggressively hostile tendancies that unleash gnarly raspiness and energetic agility.

F.U.” experiments with memorably original orchestrations that offers a vastly snappy roarness that rumbles with ripping riffs, symphonic solos which excels with electrical energy, and enjoyably fulfilling entertainment. “Violent Starr” atmospherically culminates ambient adroitness, fused with rigorously thorough results - armed with an arsenal of crushing brutality and behemoth blasts of rage that exercise with extreme excitement. “Slow Motion Violence” is the last of the thrashing, speed metal madness… still subjugated with a unique blend of doom metal characteristics, differentiated with detailed deadliness. “St. Nihil” best suits the aforementioned better; with its slow, mid-tempo section and textured soundscapes that charges with barraged and frenzied loops of unprecedented pandemonium.

Overall concluding “Filthy Bastard Culture” with the German-sung “Nebelkrähe”, and the digipack exclusive: “For The First Time”; I discovered a collective batch of sinister songs and a band who certainly outdone themselves here - definitely worth the time.

Songwriting: 8
Memorability: 8
Originality: 8
Sound Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. The World Beyond
2. Unbroken Soul
3. Back to Zero
4. Filthy Bastard Culture
5. Believe in Me
6. Into the Dark
7. Killing Fields
8. Below the Surface
9. F.U.
10. Violent Starr
11. Slow Motion Violence
12. St. Nihil
13. Nebelkrähe
14. For the First Time
Dirk "Dicker" Weiss - Vocals
Sören Meyer - Bass
Norman Rieck - Drums
Flint Razorhead - Guitars
Record Label: Massacre Records


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