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Warred – MMXX - The Singles Collection

MMXX - The Singles Collection
by Joseph Brewer at 19 May 2020, 9:16 PM

MMXX - The Singles Collection” is a three song EP of singles for an upcoming debut album from newcomers WARRED. Out of Sao Paolo, Brazil, this five-piece band delivers blistering heavy metal that is reminiscent of early METALLICA, IRON MAIDEN, or the SCORPIONS.

Behind the Mask” screams of “…And Justice for All” era METALLICA. Espiga on bass is cranked up high, pounding out a bass line that can be felt prominently throughout the song. Arthur Ernandes and Rodrigo de Andrade slam together throughout the track with their ripping, roaring guitars. Pedro Mion on vocals delivers the goods: he has a high, but rough voice that he imbues with plenty of angst that compliments this aggressive track. And yet, halfway through the song, they slow things down and Mion shows his range with a sweet, reserved delivery. The following guitar solo fits the mood of this part of the track, as it sticks primarily to soaring chords, with only a bit of quick picking.

Beneath the Sea” is an aquatic tale, focusing on the dangers and rituals surrounding imposing waters. The song starts off with a huge hit of early MAIDEN, twin guitars soaring in unison with Nascimento on drums laying down an increasingly complex drumbeat. Mion is no Bruce Dickinson, but he carries forth in his own style. He uses falsetto, but it’s at the lower range and doesn’t really approach the high squeal that some other singers utilize. After the first chorus is a long instrumental break, double bass providing the framework for several captivating guitar sections.

The final song of “MMXX - The Singles Collection” slows things down, but not by much. “Where I Belong” kicks off with a bass heavy march, WARRED taking their time to build up the colossal tension. Even as Mion enters, they keep the vibe deliberately slow and heavy. But the chorus is damn catchy, an earworm for sure that I think the band could’ve even relied on a bit more in the song. A moving guitar solo follows, then kicks off a short instrumental breakdown section before hitting the chorus one last time. The shortest of the tracks, “Where I Belong,” leaves you wanting more. Just as any good EP should, WARRED provides a tasty sampling of their sound that fits in perfectly with modern heavy metal.

Favorite Songs: “Behind the Mask

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Behind the Mask
2. Beneath the Sea
3. Where I Belong
Pedro Mion – Vocals
Espiga – Bass
Arthur Ernandes – Guitar
Rodrigo de Andrade – Guitar
Jorge Nascimento – Drums


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