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Warrior Within - In Light Act II

Warrior Within
In Light Act II
by Quinten Serna at 28 February 2020, 2:00 PM

From Darkness to Light comes in fellows of uncontested determination, following their previous release of “In Darkness Act I” with their newest work “In Light Act II”. Each Thrash filled track delivers a different type of flavor and formula whilst never straying from the intensity and abandon that Thrash is known for.

The EP commences with “Constrainer” - a simple and cathartic track built around a centralized riff, the drum pairing with the riff is interesting and definite as unlike in traditional songs the drums do more to signify what section of the song is playing rather than the strings. “Rat Race” is simple and to the point the build of the track reminds of “Rat’s Eyes” by BLACK FLAG, as both songs are focused on subtle progressions rather than discrete passages. “The Felling Of The Oak” is about the conquest of Anglesey culminating in the defeat and death of Boudica, the track is the most melodic peace on the record having the strings build upon one another. “Awakening” is the final song upon the EP and commences with the washing of waves on a shore followed by a clean progression segued into the band’s usual approaching by the drum’s ride. The track is without question the most complex piece on the record though still follows the same MO of keeping every riff centralized on the same pattern and progression.

The instruments are rough cut and raw, but well-balanced and well suited for the genre. The guitar is full and piercing centralized and taking the focus of every track; the bass is booming, loud, and distinct giving emphasis to every rhythm; the drums are built around each progression whereupon they are the prime distinction between each section of the song whether it be verse, chorus, or refrain; and the vocals are raw, reaching, and resonating but lack some clarity such as in “The Felling Of The Oak”. The music as a whole is raw and consuming but also very simple almost never deviating from the main riff or same galloping rhythm, contained within a single song it would not be as noticeable but the method repeats in every single track.

Overall the EP as a whole is of mixed delivery, containing some killer passages but also an overwhelming feeling of sameness - each track is different in its own right via construction and theme but does little to distinguish itself from one another through rhythm. The music as a whole has a classic Thrash Metal feel to it which is enough to drive anyone into a head banging frenzy.

Songwriting: 5
Musicianship: 6
Memorability: 7
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Constrainer
2. Rat Race
3. The Felling Of The Oak
4. Awakening
Apostolis Hadoulis - Bass
Dan - Drums
Tass Hadoulis - Guitars
Scott Macintyre - Vocals
Record Label: Independent


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