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Watchman - Doom Of Babylon

Doom Of Babylon
by Craig Rider at 28 February 2021, 1:02 PM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: WATCHMAN; independently unsigned, hailing from the United States Of America - performing Stoner/Doom Metal, on his debut album entitled: "Doom Of Babylon" (released June 4th, 2021).

Since formation in 2020; the soloist in question has an EP entitled: "Behold A Pale Horse" (released December 28th, 2020) & this here debut album entitled: "Doom Of Babylon". 8 tracks ranging at around 41:72; the WATCHMAN arranges an intricately designed formula on some heavy-hitting Stoner/Doom Metal amalgamations.

Opening up with "Beyond A Pale Horse"; this blistering contortion in a barraged wall of belting distortion rumbles speakers with this reverberating mass of trembling noise that unleashes a groovy calamity in concretely gritty fretwork momentum, where primitively raw hooks and gnarly fuzziness elements this trippy romp of static noise which will surely revel through your soul as it assimilates into you…scouring this menacing magnitude of riveting rips from consisting soloist Roy Waterfood who marvellously conveys an impressive virtuoso on amplified grinds in gripping guitar shreds while rampantly clobbering bass and drum audibilities that piledrive with trailblazing yet relentlessly thumpy stompiness - injecting an infectious but sulfurous slab on some solid foundations in a borderline yet punchy swamp on an rambunctiously meaty manifesto.

"Bowls Of Wrath" utilises tenacious yet technical maelstrom persistence that lacerates killer catchiness in flamboyant firepower expertise, crafting a dexterously dynamic outrè on persevering panache which spellbinds me with mesmerising impact. Immersively captivating attributes create a complexly organic substance on vibrantly potent snarls where vocals yell with raspy throatiness while tight yet weighty songwriting musicianship salubriously surges with volatile moods where a distinctively distinguished yet ominously jarring vibe seamlessly pummels you with majestic yet otherworldly precision on steely thuds & sturdy prodigiousness.

The titular track distils a chiselling bombast in monolithic tempos that showcases this progressively technical remedy to it, a hypnotising but crunchy rhythm unearths this grizzly harmony where this systematic synthesis on towering yet striking flamboyance excels at a otherworldly sensation on mesmerising & rawly rough synergy. "The Second Death" conjures up this monotonous yet quintessential resonance on mountainous melodies that drones a bluesy while psychedelic rock merges these styles with profusely robust juxtapositions on melancholy, and atmospheric heaviness…where the tone of the bass orchestrated outbursting precision which made my eardrums ring with strong significance. Conceiving this type of meticulous compositions in an evolving crescendo in electrical hymns that take unbound influence from old-school BLACK SABBATH, ELECTRIC WIZARD, UNCLE ACID AND THE DEADBEATS & SLEEP - to give you a broad sense of what to expect.

"Wormwood" channels an emotively exotic culmination with the majestic shroud of an entrancing spectrum that shrews this cacophonous but cryptic coherency on swirling yet gloomy gravitation it forebodes you with. While "Come And See" contrasts a hybrid experimentation in diversely chunky chugs, demonstrating a dark but choppy establishment which trials this snappy momentum with this whirlwinding guitar in which packs this memorably but exhilarating kick to it, as galloping and frolicking fabrications grip you with mythical intrigue.

Approaching toward the penultimate track: "Blood, Fire And Pillars Of Smoke", which starts off with this ritualistic flute… and an arbitrary boogaloo in an electric flow that unlocks this symbiotic pattern on tribal-esque symbolism, imagine a cult having a party at night on a deserted island, dancing around a campfire like ritual that celebrates life and death while the smirky smokescreen covers all who invades those lands…an immersively immense soundtrack of misery, triumph and agony until radically wicked vehemence and a doomy yet shadowy haze enthrals your speakers with magnetising desolation.

Overall concluding "Doom Of Babylon" with the finale epic "Pestilence"; which merges the aforementioned characteristics with this forestry ambience, where wind and a concerning growl & treading movements articulates an ominous yet returning prerequisite of the flute and this stoner machination of revelling proportions that will transfix you with rasping potential. Bottom line; I am compelled to say that the WATCHMAN certainly outdone himself for a one-man Stoner/Doom performance, where jarring racket in an apocalyptic but adventurously ambitious deliverance offers this discordant cacophony which rewards the listener with an enjoyable entertaining  experience on mellow but euphonically ethereal expertises in resounding chimes in which oscillates with this revolving strife to replay this record a good handful of times. A discovery deserving of being unravelled, worth the spin.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Behold A Pale Horse
2. Bowls Of Wrath
3. Doom Of Babylon
4. The Second Death
5. Wormwood
6. Come And See
7. Blood, Fire And Pillars Of Smoke
8. Pestilence
Roy Waterfood - Everything
Record Label: Independent


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